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Kpop all day
I bought my ticket and I am going! Who else is going? Also, don't get too drunk because you will have to drive home! Don't make anyone under 21 drive you home! Don't drink too much! Sorry about that rant. Also, if you live near me and you are a hardcore ELF, let me know so we can party together!
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@JarviaKlipka @CLAKPOP where do you two even live?! I only live 30 minutes away from Dallas so I'm pretty close!
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@MaggieHolm Jackson, Mississippi
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Oh dear! I feel so sorry for you!
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Damn it!! I'm not old enough....And I don't live anywhere near Dallas anyway cx
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@MaggieHolm its okay if i was still living in tx i would have probably be able too
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