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Happens every time with rattatas, pidgeys, zubats and ekans. I just want them for the stardust dammit! But I heard the higher level you are, the more this happens. Oh well
fuck this rodent purple animal !
u have a better chance of catching when the color circle is at the smallest and hold ur ball for a moment is case the pokemon does move as most often ppl will throw the ball right away and they tend to move lots when they apperceive in front of u the higher ur lvl is
LMAO I would be pissed if I were a Rattata too.
Also, if you're using your thumb to throw it, use the tip of your thumb. Less chance of curving. I prefer using my index finger. I don't get as many curves
Yep. You know the eevee hack? You can use it multiple times but you can't have two eevees with the name Rainer, sparky or pyro or it won't work a second time
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