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Lol Baekhyun knows what he likes lmao he doesn't care what you guys do as long as he watched πŸ˜‚ plz excuse my dirty mind
Baekhyun: the type to point with his foot πŸ˜‚ Sehun's face lol *Β© and credit to original owners *comment if you want to be added or removed from the taglist Chingus @kimnam94 @chelseagarcia @mrsyookihyun @thatphamily @pharmgirlerin @cheersmacky @taehyungv @vixxstarlight1 @lovelikematoi @xoxojessica12 @jackieg1617 @abigailh758 @jaeneashajones@vixxstarlight1 @khouyang @elainarenea @lovelikematoi @jackieg1617 @jaeneashajones @jinsprincess86 @juliavip @manaiapio @lizholder @resavalencia @btsjungkook1997 @chelseagarcia
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Haha Baekhyun sometimes the dorky things that happen (with Baekhyun in the picture) its so adorkable ^^
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