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So I was just wondering: do you guys ever skip OPs/EDs?

I know a lot of us are huge OP/ED fans, but I was still curious if you ever skip it.
For me, if I'm binging an anime I'll start skipping it if I know it never changes or will not really give me any new clues (like in Slice of Life anime). With shows like Re:Zero or mystery shows, I always watch because I feel like it's going to change or give me new clues.

So, do you ever skip? Why or why not?

Eh sometimes especially if I've seen the opening 100 times or if it annoys me but if I like it then I wont skip it and maybe sing along some too lol 馃槄
@Misachaaan I watch the OP of the first episode only. I skip the EP until the last episode of the show. That way, I feel it all comes full circle
I'll watch it the first time when is new but then I'll keep skipping till they change it normally half way through a season then I'll watch the full episode start to end and repeat skip till it changes
I skip but like only the 2nd episode or if the anime is getting to an intense moment but I always appreciate the music when I am in the mood for it xD (or if the song is super good!)
I all ways watch the op because its more a part of the anime but once I get to the ed I'm like "FUCK THIS WHAT HAPPEN NEXT" so I usually watch it once on the last episode and its kinda special that first time (it also gives me a moment to realize I just finished the anime)
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