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So I was just wondering: do you guys ever skip OPs/EDs?

I know a lot of us are huge OP/ED fans, but I was still curious if you ever skip it.
For me, if I'm binging an anime I'll start skipping it if I know it never changes or will not really give me any new clues (like in Slice of Life anime). With shows like Re:Zero or mystery shows, I always watch because I feel like it's going to change or give me new clues.

So, do you ever skip? Why or why not?

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Yes and no. If I live the Ops/Eds, I'll watch them through, but if I don't, I skip them. whether I bing it or not.
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it depends on how good it is. like I watched the OP of Parasyte every single episode because I love it hahah.
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I all ways watch the op because its more a part of the anime but once I get to the ed I'm like "FUCK THIS WHAT HAPPEN NEXT" so I usually watch it once on the last episode and its kinda special that first time (it also gives me a moment to realize I just finished the anime)
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NEVEEEEERRRRRRRR!!! Haha, I'm kind of a music junkie, so I rarely skip either.
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