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The longer I waited for the boys to get back to their dorm, the more uneasy I felt. I was just sitting there in the dorms living room and in almost complete darkness because I had just one lamp on. I hated that both, my boyfriend's group and mine, debuted with in the same month. Both our schedules are chaotic and we don't get to see each other as often as we like to or at least I like to.
I also don't like the fact that his groups is collaborating with another girl group that had just debuted in the beginning of this year. I sighed thinking about how beautiful the girls in the group Kandi is compared to me, let alone my whole group. I am worried that my boyfriend will look their way instead of mine. The first time we all introduced ourselves to the group, Kat who is the leader of Kandi, was rubbing up on him when I would leave the room. She did the same during rehearsals, photo shoot, and etc.
He would always tell her politely to back off, but only when I was around. Which made my worry worsen. The rest of BTS would reassure me that he was loyal and true to me, but Kat was beautiful and it was only in a matter of time before she seduces him. I sighed again before letting my head fall backward, hitting the wall behind me with a thud. Slowly my eyes started to feel droopy as I fought to stay awake. I lost my battle and fell into a deep sleep...
(BTW I just wanted to let you guys know that this is the intro for all of the boys.)
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Luna Fergus
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I like the intro
thank you, I'm glad you like it