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Hey guys :^D Here's a gift for you.
It's Zico's fat lips. :D! To the challenge ! ! ! ! !
Interesting... my first impression of each member. Alright, let's not waste precious dwindling time. @TheEnlightment this was before your time when I first knew of them. :'D before I knew their names, just faces.
Zico First time I saw Zico, he was all dreaded up, and I was immediately intrigued. I figured he was at least a wannabe thug, if not entirely an actual thug. Yes, I still think somewhat of that to this day, but let's just say after seeing him on variety shows and such, he's more than I orginally saw him to be.
Kyung I kid you not, I was 100003930.484% positive Kyung was the maknae. I thought he was the cutest little bunny and now I KNOW he is a mischievous sly fox. A fox who turns into a snake and then shapeshifts into a guinea pig.
Jaehyo There's always a member of a group who takes the role as being the sexiest of them all, and I was pretty sure Jaehyo had the job. I also thought he'd be cocky about his undeniably unique and gorgeous features, especially with that body too. Yes, he's still the flaming visual, and a bit cocky about it, but it's all in a joking manner; he knows he looks good but willingly accepts his goofiness to take control of that.
B-Bomb To be honest, at first I had no idea what role B-Bomb took. Rapper (imagine that), singer, dancer. I didn't see enough of him at first, which made me think he was probably the most underappreciated member. Boy am I glad I'm wrong.
UKwon RIGHT SO THIS ONE HERE. I was infinitely sure he was the bad boy. Believable right? I was like- he is trouble, avoid him at all costs, he will probably wreck your soul, uh uh. As time went on, gosh, I discovered how wrong I was. Bad boy when he wants to be, but he's mainly just a solid dork.
Taeil "Oh my god he wears glasses and long sleeves and hats and covers his entire body and smiles like an angel- he must be so shy and such a doll" :"^) Eldest hyung, closet perv, thug nasty, but still smiles like the heavens.
P.O Ahahahah, brings me back. P.O... I first thought he was the oldest. Or just older. Not the maknae. Who doesn't? I thought he was extremely weird at first, and that his voice was tremendously deep and rich. Rich and raspy. Still is, but it was a game changer for me when I first heard it. . . . . . Thanks for tuning in, see you tomorrow!
@CosmicCassidy the shade... I can't see the sun anymore
my first impressions (in considerably less words) Zico - "definitely the leader, probably fake thug cause his cheeks are too chub" Kyung - "probably the underrated member, is he mixed? weird, he's rapping in this vid but he's probably not a rapper" Jaehyo - "pretty boy, narcissistic as fuck, playboy, definitely a mix of Seungri and Seokjin" Taeil - "what is GDragon doing making a cameo? oh holy shit that's a member" UKwon - "cat eyes, short as hell, high pitched voice... ah the maknae?" BBomb - "rapper, the cool one that doesn't talk much and is a little scary" P.O. - "whoooaaa he sounds like TOP! AND HE'S SO TALL! I see I see. he's the TOP of this group. must be the oldest, also a rapper" ah sometimes it's fun to be wrong, I'm going to bed. nite nite