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After an hour or so on deciding on who to draw we decided on Gruvia 馃挋 since I was the first to get twenty likes. Right now I have 29 likes and she has 27. We also decided to do another couple of your choice if the card gets another 20 more likes. So comment who you want now and whoever ship name I see the most gets pick.
She drew Gray & I drew Juvia. She came up with the script. I came up with the ending. Enjoy. ;)

Predicting The Future :

Juvia : Juvia wants to know what your answer is Gray-Sama! Gray : Ummm... well i l-like you. I mean I don't hate you. Juvia : Even if Gray-Sama rejects Juvia she won't give up. Gray : Aha, you don't know when to quit don't you? Juvia : *starts to cry* J-just kn-now that Juvia will n-never give u-up on Gray-Sama. N-no matter how many t-times he rejects her or how much h-he says he doesn't n-need her. Juvia w-will always be there for Gray-Sama b-because YOUR THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN STOP THE RAIN!!! Gray : *stares at her* Juvia... Juvia : Juvia l-loves Gray-Sama so much. Gray : *pulls her into a hug and wipes her tears* Idiot I love you. I'm just too much of a tsundere to show it.


PS. Sorry for the bad lighting. 馃様
Lol awwww <3
I'm awesome at coming up with stories. XD
Even though I suck at drawing.
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