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our tabi is up to something~

Announcing~ me: the death of me x.x

what is this about?!? Being honest I'm not so sure but... I feel that t.o.p will do something big. Already feeling proud and happy for him ♥
If any of you know what this is about, can you you please fill me in with the info? ^.^
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It is an auction that he is curating in October. It is a collection imagined by him for young art collectors of his generation. The collection is actually titled #TTTOP. I can't wait to see what the pieces look like. I'll look for the link I read about the event. There is a way to pre order the catalog that shows the collection.
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@SatinSkies omg thank you well actually I read the article that talks about it to, another vingler posted it earlier but aweee I'm excited to see his collection 😆
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