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Fairy Tail Drawing

For all of you's who were tagged.

When you have completed your drawing make sure to post it in the Fairy Tail community. It'll be awesome to see a bunch of fan art in the community 😊. Even if you can't draw (I can't 😐) don't be afraid to post. I saw @hikaymm post a card about this challenge and she got it from @mayarich03. πŸ‘ˆπŸ½ you have started this epidemic πŸ‘€. Now let's see the results P.s. The pic above was made by @watermage 😁 #skillz I'm going to post your amazing drawings in this collection so that you guys have easier viewing access @JackiStyles @SymoneBelcher @mayarich03@CandyApple22 @SimplyAwkward @JohnMcCullough @BlackoutZJ@AimeBolanos@watermage@AlexCattura@BelleofRay@Bestfluteever @NeckoNecko @thunder1254 @Boinx @JustinMarvell @LCordz @hikaymm@otakudemon10
Just posted mine!!! I wanna see everyone else's so I'm gonna keep a lookout οΌˆοΌΎο½–οΌΎοΌ‰
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Good point!! I'll remind people, too!!!
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I just hope they won't see my ugly drawings
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*sniffles* I wanna try this
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