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It was a good day today!

Syther and Lapras hatch out of 10k egg and join the team!

It pays to walk people!

Also was able evolve Eevee into Jolteon and Zubat into Golbat! Quite the successful day!
Lucky! I got an eevee out of my 10k egg! Haven't come across another one either lol. Would love a lapras tho!
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@LCordz keep walking you get it!
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Hatched a Snorlax today. Not as strong as the one I found chillin at Wal-Mart but close enough lol Jealous of your Lapras and Scyther. I can't seem to find them
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@iixel very nice, Snorlax is one that I would love to have. Perhaps I shall travel to wal-mart
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