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"Everything will be okay. I don't know what happened to you today, but everything will be okay." At the very sound and thought of those words, I began to cry harder pulling my knees into my chest and burying my face. That same voice that spoke those words just kept saying it would be okay while rubbing my back. His voice was just, so, soothing, and it sounded so familiar. Why does this voice sou.... Omg, no it can't be. I stopped crying long enough to look up and see who it was that was consoling me... *Gasp* Simon's Perspective "I hate you. I have never hated anyone in my life. But you. What you did is just...." That was all I heard besides the loud ringing in my ears from the slap. All the times Ashley has been mad at me she has never laid hands on me. I fucked up big time and I know it! But before I could reach out to her and say anything she was gone. "Simon, it's all your fault. You know this. You were supposed gonna be ended it a long time ago" "Shut up bro. Just shut the fuck up. You are not helping. The one woman that I have fallen so madly in love just walked out of my life and that's all you can say?" Get out! Just get the hell out! As if things couldn't get any worse, Jay calls and I already know my ass gonna get chewed out. Ashley is like a little sister to him and he would do anything to protect her. I pickup the phone and before I could speak "YO, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? WHY AM I HEARING FROM EVERYONE ELSE THAT YOU'RE ENGAGED AND THAT IT'S NOT WITH ASHLEY!!!!" Please tell me that's is lie. That all of this shit is not real?! He just kept going. Shit! What did I do?
Ashley's Perspective Is it really him? No I'm imagining things! "Snap out of it Ashley. It is not Flowsik" you say to yourself slapping your cheeks, hoping it will snap you our of your daydream. He chuckles softly, "well if it makes you feel better it really is me."  I jumped right up and quickly began to wipe my tears. The man that I have always watched on television was right here in front of me. I felt my knees buckle right beneath me.... Flowsik's Perspective Just as her knees were giving out from under her, I caught her right in time before she fell to the floor. All I could do was look at her tear streaked face and couldn't help but want to be there. I don't know what happened to her, but it looks like the symptom of a broken heart. I held on to her and just let her rest her head on my shoulder until she came to. It didn't take long seeing as how she was able to come to on her own. I sat her up and went to get a glass of water. "Now would you like to tell me why such a beautiful young lady as yourself is in here dancing as though your world has ended?" Before I knew it, Flowsik knew everything about our relationship and what happened. I didn't mean to but it just happened.
6 MONTHS LATER Simon's Perspective It has been 6 months since everything went down between Ashley and I. 6 whole months and they have been the worst 6 months. Jay been bitching at me ever since and even more now that she won't return his calls. I haven't been able to sleep or focus, so to trun off my thoughts I drown myself in music at the clubs or the studio. The last time I was at the club I was so drunk that I ended up drunk calling Ashley and well..... "Ashley.... I know you been kicking it with Flow lately. My boys let me know the shit you were doing the last time you were in the club" And before she could say anything I started rapping Drake's Marvins Room. Hell it was his no was feeling at the moment. That was such a bad idea.  "Fuck you Simon and that bitch that you with. I was really trying to move on from this but you're making it damn near impossible. So since you went there I'm gonna go there". Ashley began to sing JoJo's version of Marvins Room and all I did was get even more angry. Its really over and there ain't shit I can do about it. Ashley's Perspective It has been 6 months since Simon and I broke up. It has been a hard 6 months but I have had some support from friends especially my girl Marricke' and Flow. To be honest I had started to heal after a while, until that night that Simon called and decided it was in his best intention to sing Marvins Room. Of all songs he chose that one. I gave him my response, by using JoJo's version of that song. Ha! I'm pretty sure he wasn't expecting that. But since then Jay has been calling me to see how I'm doing, but ever since he did my girl wrong, I have been avoiding his calls. I miss talking to Jay but he fucked up with the home girl and that I can't let sly. 
"Hey Baby girl. What you up to today?" I look up to see Flow walking his towards me on the balcony. "Just jammin right now to some Missy Elliott." "You would be! I know that's your song." I give him a hug before he takes a sest and watches me practice my routine. "Hey, let's do something tonight. I been wanting to just get out" "What you got in mind? Like something just chill or...." "Man, anything. We can even go dancing tonight since you look like you're in a good mood." "Yo that sounds good Flow". I turn around to see Marricke' coming in with Dok2. They have always been close. Just as close as her and Simon. But he has really been there for her these past few weeks. "Marricke'" "Ashley" "Wat up Dok2?" "Wat up Flow?"
We run and give each other a hug while the guys do what they do best. "We were just talking about going to the clubs tonight and dancing since Ashley is in such a good mood" Flow said. "Well ain't that a coincidence" Marricke' said. "Illionaire is having a party tonight and we came by tool see if y'all wanted to roll through" responded Dok2. "Hell yea" I said. "Ain't no party like an Illionaire party". Before the guys could respond we heard our song Work by Ciara and started busting a move. All Dok2 and Flow could do was laugh and smile as Marricke' and I started to get down. *Ashley laughing* " I think we're ready!". *3 hours later* As Marricke and I get ready we laugh, dance, and sing to Golden Crew feat. Brick and Lace- In love With The Music. We called all our girls over so we can ride together, while Flow and Dok2 left to get ready. Its like a party in here. Tonight is going to be amazing. We have on some amazing outfits and we look damn good. Looking at us you wouldn't think we had our hearts broken not too long ago. "Ashley, girls, let's go. We're gonna be late."
We rush out the door and head to the club. As soon as we get there we get greeted by Dok2. Flow was at the booth talking to his boys Nicky and Eddie. "Welcome ladies. I'm glad y'all are here. Everything is free. Please help yourself to the bar and food. Anything you want it's on me." "Thanks love." Marricke' says as she gives him a big hug and a peck on the cheek. "Thanks Dok2 oppa. I really appreciate it" as I give him a hug. The girls and I head over to the booth to see Flow and say hi to Nicky and Eddie. "Well don't y'all look good. Y'all came to party huh?" Flow said. "Well you know, we gotta both that dance floor and show'em what we got!". I say. I began to roll my hips to the beat of Brick and Lace Love Is Wicked.  Flow just looked at me and smiled. Next thing I know here comes Marricke' and the girls. "Hey Flow. Nicky. Eddie. Sorry but.. Umm I gotta steal your girl. This our song". We head out to the dance floor to finish up the song and just continued to go with the flow of the music. Beyonce Sorry came on and we were still grooving until I hear Marricke's name being called and turn around to see Jay and Simon coming our way.
I wasn't expecting them to be here. "Shit! Marricke' let's go somewhere". But before I could get her out of there Jay was there. He wanted to talk to her but I got in the middle and sang along to the song "Middle fingers up, put them hands high, wave them in his face, tell him boy bye." Jay wasn't pleased but what did he expect when he did my girl wrong. Marricke' said her peace and walked away. He tried to follow but decided it was best to leave her alone. As I began to walk away Simon comes up to me and grabs my arm "Ashley, let's talk. Can't you at least hear what I have to say" "No Simon, I don't wanna hear what you have to say. Your actions said it all that day. We have nothing else to discuss" "Really? So who own that dude that I hear you be fucking with?" "It's none of your damn business. I owe you ZERO explanations." I walked away to meet up with my girls. Simon went to go sit with Jay. I wasn't about to let them ruin our fun. Hell naw. I grab the girls and we all head to the dance floor just in time for Drake Controlla to come one.
We're sitting there having a good time and then Dok2, Flow, Beenzino and the rest of the guys came out and danced with us. I danced with Flow and Marricke danced with Dok2. We were having so much fun until, well Jay and Simon came back. Damn it. "Aye yo Dok2, so you for real gonna dance with my girl like that" Jay said. "Yo Jay, look we're all friends here and we just having fun aight. So chill out" Dok2 said. Then Simon responded, "so y'all think its all good to dance with our girls and we weren't gonna say anything?" "Well the last I heard, they AREN'T your girls anymore. You don't get to step in and tell them what to do." What the hell is going on right now. Everyone is getting heated. The girls and myself try to stay in the middle to keep them from doing anything stupid. But that didn't work. I got pushed to the side by Simon and Marricke' got pushed to the side by Jay and we both fell to the floor. All four of them looked as we fell and I knew right then and there that this was not going to end well..... To Be Continued
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this is amazing!! Girl you should date flow in here and Marricke should date Dok2!! I can't wait for the 3rd part!!
@yaya12 haha right!! @dayashley11 hahaha i think you're right
@MarrickeJ33 hell yeah!!! Girl we just look good with anybody haga
@dayashley11 and @yaya12 yup y'all are right!! she would look good with flow. I think dok2 and I would look dope as hell together. matching hats and all
@dayashley11 you would😊
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