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Chapter 14 - Too Much Fun

Hyun-Ae's P.O.V
You are my starlight~
Nae mameul bichwo~
Hamkke isseumyeon on jongil kkumkkuneun gibun~
Waking up to the sweet voice of Dean and Taeyeon, I slowly sat up in my bed and stretched.
I scratched my head while smacking my lips and wiped the dried drool on my face, knowing that it happens when I sleep like a rock the night before.
I reached over and shut off my alarm and looked to see that I gave myself plenty of time today before my class.
I shifted in my bed and let my feet hang off the side of the bed before I attempted to get up.
My feet caressed the carpet in my room as I moved my weight and started to rise from my comfortable bed.
I stretched one more time, to shake off the drowsiness from everything that had happened last night.
As the memories replayed over in my head, it seemed unreal.
Kyung-il losing his cool and being aggressive and Taehyung and Yoongi defending me.
I smiled at the thought of the two protecting me, showing how they do care for me and are the friends I had always wanted.
The image of Yoongi punching Kyung-il- twice - made me laugh as he had definitely gotten what he deserved.
Feeling better already, I decided to take a quick shower and head to class early to get a good seat.
After rummaging through my closet I found an outfit that wasn't extremely dressy but appropriate enough for a first date.
The image of Jin and I on a date made my heart flutter.
I can't believe this is happening.
All because of a silly text I didn't really mean to type at first.
Is it too early to confess? Should I wait a little longer?
No. Don't doubt yourself Hyun-Ae.
He likes you. He said so himself.
He said that he would wait for your answer and you finally have one.
There is no point in waiting any longer.
You are doing this today.
You can do this.
I breathed in and out, trying to calm my nerves as I changed into my clothes and packed my bag.
After one more quick check around the room that I had everything, I opened my door to head outside when I fell over in shock from what was in front of me.
"Geez Taehyung! Why didn't you knock!" I said as he bent down to help me up.
"Sorry. I was about to but you beat me to it." He laughed awkwardly, backing away as soon as I was standing again.
"So what's up? I am assuming that you have something to tell me if you are here so early in the morning."
"I just...um...wanted to..." He stuttered.
"Yes? Come on you can tell me anything!" I said, encouraging him.
"Ah, you know what it can wait." He shook it off, giving me a smile.
"Okay...just tell me in your own time, alright? I will be here." I returned his gummy smile with my own.
"O-Okay." He twiddled his fingers together. "A-Are you headed to class? Can I walk you?"
"Sure! Why not?" I walked ahead, leading the way as he walked behind me.
"So I heard what happened last night." He started.
"Yeah. After you left he came back...again...can you believe that? The nerve of that man..." I shook my head.
"And Yoongi punched him? I am honestly shocked. He doesn't throw a lot of punches."
"You should of seen it! It was like a scene in one of my books! He came in and was like - WAPOW!" I yelled, mimicking how Yoongi punched him. "Then he fell to the floor. It took everything I had to not to hit Kyung-il myself so watching Yoongi do it was very satisfying." I stated, Taehyung laughing at me.
"You are such a weirdo."
"Ah shut it. You know you love my weirdness. Otherwise I wouldn't be me." I laughed.
"True, true." He laughed along with me.
We walked in silence for a bit before I noticed his constant glances at me.
"Okay Taehyung, what is it." I said, stopping in front of him.
"You keep on looking at me! You are making me think that I have like a third eye or something!"
"N-No I don't..."
"Lies! Liar liar pants on fire!" I said poking him. "You have been like this for the last like 5 minutes. I may be slow but I am not blind. Is there something you need to tell me? Like the thing from earlier?"
"A-Ani...it's nothing. Just that...you look really nice today." He said.
I became embarrassed at his statement.
"O-Oh...it's too much, isn't it? It's not me I know but-"
"N-No! That's not it...it's just...you are really pretty today..." He trailed off.
I started laughing at how shy he was being.
"Well thank you. I tried on purpose but it is good to know that I don't look ridiculous. Especially coming from you."
"Why's that?" He asked.
"Because you are my best friend! I am the closest to you out of everyone! I couldn't survive without you, silly." I said nudging his shoulder.
"A-Ah, okay." He giggled, silently.
"So I am just a friend then..." he whispered to himself, too quiet for me to hear.
"What did you say?"
"Nothing! Come on let's get you to your class! Race you!" He said, running ahead of me.
"You are on!" I yelled out, running after him.
"Oh my god...I am so out of shape..." I said, gasping for air.
"Slow poke~"
"Y...Yah..." I said, trying to be intimidating but it was no use. He laughed at me.
"Okay, will I see you later? Like we can maybe hang out later or something tonight?" He asked me.
"Actually...I have something going on tonight...can I text you at least?" I questioned, seeing the sadness in his face.
"Okay sounds good. Well, I have to go to my class now. Talk to you later!" He said as he waved and walked off.
"Bye, Tae!"
"Don't call me that!"
"Just saying that makes me want to say it more!" I laughed as he stuck his tongue out and waved as he walked.
After seeing him disappear around the corner, I headed inside and spotted Jin in the back, saving me a seat.
He saw me and waved. I smiled as I headed up to sit next to him.
"Good morning~" I said singly.
"Good morning. Someone is in a good mood today." He said, noticing the pep in my step.
"Yep. So don't you dare bring me down, okay? If you fall asleep on me again, I swear I won't just hit you with my book today." I stated.
"Alright. Well I got lots of sleep, so I should be paying a lot of attention today."
"Good. Or else no more lessons from me." I teased as he gasped.
"You wouldn't!"
"I would! I may be quiet and nice but don't test me!" I said, holding up my hands as if ready for battle.
"You are definitely not quiet. You were when we first met you but not so much anymore." He disagreed.
"True. I tend to be more rowdy around people I am comfortable with. Hence why I am crazy around you guys all the time." I explained.
"I can see that." He laughed.
"Good morning class!" The teacher called out as he walked in.
"Good morning!" We responded.
"Ah this is going to be boring I can tell already." Jin whined.
"If I see you sleeping, I will hit you!" I whispered.
"Okay, fine. I will try staying awake...for you."
"Good." I smiled. He laughed at my reaction as the class began.
"That was so long..." Jin said, yawning.
"Ah come on, it wasn't that bad."
"No, no. It was bad. How can you not find that boring?"
"I like school."
"Oh my god. You are a nerd!" He teased, laughing.
"What? I can't like my classes?" I responded.
"No...I am just saying...that I don't understand why you like boring classes."
"Oh shush it." I said, laughing. "Now come on, let's go study." He sighed.
"Save me." He pleaded as if asking someone to take him away from this. I laughed again as we headed to the library and sat down in the same spot as last time.
"Okay...let's see..." I started, flipping through me pages.
"You said you fell asleep last time around the 1600's right?"
"Well, try not to fall asleep this time okay? Or else we just got to do this all again."
He slammed his head on the table, groaning. He then got up and gathered his notes from his backpack.
"Okay...let's do this." He opened his notebook and motioned for me to start.
"Let's see...let's start with..."
I continued for two hours straight, constantly making sure that Jin was paying attention and to my surprise, he was.
He was carefully writing down everything I was saying as I said it.
I was proud of him until I thought he was dozing off with his eyes open again.
"Um...Jin?" I asked, waving my hand in front of his eyes.
He didn't blink, making me think that he fell asleep.
"Aigoo...well at least he lasted for two hours before this happened." I sighed, laughing at how peaceful he looked.
I stared back at him, studying his features.
He is so good-looking. How did this guy come to like a nobody like me?
I will never understand, but I am glad to have had this all happen.
"You are really pretty..." he suddenly whispered, breaking me out of my trance. I became embarrassed.
"Yah! Were you awake that whole time?" I said, my face turning red after realizing how I was staring at him.
"Maybe..." He smiled mischievously. I hit him with my notebook.
"D-Don't tease me like that! I thought you fell asleep with your eyes open again!" I whined.
"Well, you will never know will you?" He laughed, making me even more embarrassed.
"O-Okay! Enough teasing! Back to studying!" I said, diverting his attention away from my face as I brought the book up to cover it.
"Stop being so cute and I will stop teasing you!"
"S-Stop calling me cute!" I stated, making him laugh again.
"I thought you weren't this aggressive...man did I get a shock..." I mumbled.
"N-Nothing!" I stuttered. "Okay...one more hour of studying and then we are done. Let's go back to where we were..." I started explaining again, the book covering my face until I was comfortable enough to bring it down. It was really hard to ignore the looks he gave me as we continued.
God, he needs to stop looking at me like that if he wants to learn anything.
I need him to wear sunglasses or something.
It's okay. Only one more hour.
"Okay, that is all we will do for today!" I shut my book as he collapsed on the table.
"Oh thank god. I thought my brain was going to explode." I laughed.
"But you did get some good notes and studying done, so don't you feel better about the class?" I asked.
"I do. Thank you for tutoring me." I smiled.
"Okay, now to have some fun!" He said, jumping from his seat with this sudden burst of energy.
"Ga-ja!" He suddenly grabbed my wrist and pulled me with him.
"W-Wait!" I yelled, not mentally prepared for the rest of this night.
"Where are we going?"
"It's a surprise~" He said, leaving me to only wonder where he would take me.
30 minutes had passed before I had an idea of where we were going.
"Ta-da!" He said, pulling me to a stop in front of a Karaoke bar.
"You wanted to...sing Karaoke?" I asked.
"Why not? They have food! And we can have fun too!" He said, practically jumping up and down in excitement.
"O-Okay...if that is what you want to do! Let's party!!" I screamed, heading inside.
We got a booth in the back in a private room and ordered some food and drinks before we set up the machine.
"Do you want to go first?" He asked, handing me the microphone.
"Sure!" I said, being bold.
"What song are you singing?" He asked, anticipating my performance.
"Hmm...Oh! I found it!" I said. "Don't laugh at me, okay? Because I am going to dance and sing my heart out as this is my all-time favorite song..." I stated. He gave me a thumbs up as I started the song.
His eyes widened at what song I played.
Chumchuneun jageun
Kkatallena (Red Sun)
Nado moreuge ppajyeo deureoga
Dodohan kotdae
Kkatallena (Red Sun)
Jutti Meri Oye Hoi Hoi
Hollyeo deureoga
Eomeomeomeo meoshisseo
Banhaesseo eojjeom gateun
Yeojakkiri bwado cham meoshisseo
Kkachil kkachil hajiman
Han beonman bogopa
Algopa hamkke chum chugopa
Lallalalla heundeul heundeul
Son heundeulgo
Ne mogsoriga shwil
Ttae kkaji sori jilleo
(Jutti Meri Oye Hoi Hoi
Paula Mera Oye Hoi Hoi)
Cham jarhaesseoyo
100-jeom manjeom jugopa
Seureureureureureug nog nog nog
Nogadeunda nog nog nogadeunda
Pareureureureureug tteol tteol tteol
Tteollyeo onda ttara ttara hagopa
Shikeuhaeseo shilhjiman
Geuchiman eojjeom gateun yeoja
Kkiri bwado maeryeog isseo
Bunhajiman han shigan du shigan
Chugopa nolgopa
Ppyeoreul mudgo shipeo
Lallalalla heundeul heundeul
Son heundeulgo
Ne mogsoriga shwil
Ttae kkaji sori jilleo
(Jutti Meri Oye Hoi Hoi
Paula Mera Oye Hoi Hoi)
Ajig bujoghae jomman
Deo himeul naebwa
Chumchuneun jageun
Kkatallena (Red Sun)
Nado moreuge ppajyeo deureoga
Dodohan kotdae
Kkatallena (Red Sun)
Jutti Meri Oye Hoi Hoi
Hollyeo deureoga
Jin was laughing so hard at me at this point but I was to into the moves and song to care. I just loved this song too much.
Seuchyeo ganeun
Du soni ttadeuthae
Algo bomyeon chaghallaena?
Kkachirhan naui kkatallena
Modu da gati ppajyeodeureo ga
Dodohan kotdae
Kkatallena (Red Sun)
Jutti Meri Oye Hoi Hoi
Hollyeo deureoga
Seureureureureureug nog nog nog
Nogadeunda nog nog nogadeunda
Pareureureureureug tteol tteol tteol
Tteollyeo onda ttara ttara hagopa
I finished and posed and Jin gave me a standing ovation, making me laugh.
"Daebak! That was amazing!" He complimented.
"Thank you, thank you...I will be here all night." I bowed confidently, proud of the first song I performed.
"So we are doing funny songs first? Okay...OH! I know the one!"
As the song started, I couldn't help but fall over on the couch out of shock.
He was dancing and singing to Sistar's Touch My Body.
"Don't think I won't do this seriously! Because I will!"
"I didn't doubt you for a second!" I yelled back in between my laughter.
I watched as he danced the chorus and I couldn't help but take videos of it. At one point he saw me and yelled at me to stop but I couldn't help it.
The song ended, and I also gave him a standing ovation.
"That was amazing! 10/10!" I gave him a thumbs up as he came back and collapsed on the couch.
"That was...exhausting..." I laughed.
"I got some great footage though. I am definitely showing the boys."
"No! Don't do it!" He whined.
"Ah come on! You were great!"
"It's embarrassing..."
"You didn't seem embarrassed. You were so into the dance." I mimicked the key dance in the chorus, making him laugh.
"I can't believe I did that." He laughed.
"Me either. But it was beautiful. Everytime I hear this song now I will just picture you dancing to it and I won't be able to stop laughing." I laughed along with him.
"Okay, what should we do-"
At this time, the food and drinks came in and we cheered.
We decided to eat before we sang any other songs.
The food and drinks disappeared in minutes as we were starving and having too much fun - only realizing later that we would be in trouble from how much we drank.
*30 minutes later*
"BANG BANG BANG!" I sang, aggressively dancing the choreography. "BANG BANG BANG!"
"BANGA! BANGA! BANGA!" Jin yelled, dancing with me as he made guns with his hands and went along with the beat.
"HEARTLESS. MINDLESS. NO ONE WHO CARE ABOUT ME." Jin joined, being dramatic with the moves with me.
"I NEED YOU GIRL, WAE~" Not remembering the rest of the lyrics, I mumbled until the chorus came again, Jin passed out behind me.
"GO DUMB AND DUMBER!" Jin yelled, dancing like crazy as I danced behind him.
"HELLO...BITCHES!" I sang, dancing like CL, Jin cheering behind me as I sang.
*2 hours later*
"Hhey Jhin," I slured, drunkily.
"Yhes, mhy H-Hyun-Ae." He responded. We were walking, arms over one another's shoulders to keep balance and clearly drunk.
"T-This...whas...f-fun!" I yelled.
"It was!" He agreed.
"S-Should we whalk b...back?" He hiccuped.
"I-I think... sooo..."
We continued to laugh as we made our way back to the campus.
Jin was mainly sober by the time we reached my dorm and somehow managed to walk me back without falling over. I started climbing the steps sluggishly, without Jin's help, when I abruptly stopped.
"H-Hey Jin!" I yelled, making him laugh.
"I...I got...something to t-tell youuuu~" I laughed.. Jin flinched in front of me, ready to catch me if I fell.
"It's okay, Hyun-Ae, you can tell me in the morning. Come on let's-"
"NO! I d-...don't want to wait!" I screamed. I moved closer to him and he looked at me confused.
The words forming in my head, I was trying to get the words out when something else happened instead.
I glanced at his lips and not in my right mind, I went for it.
I leaned forward and kissed Jin.
I quickly pulled back to see that his face was red and in shock.
I laughed at how embarrassed he was and I turned back around and continued to walk up the steps singing a song.
I turned around once more to wave bye at Jin and he waved back, still in shock from what just happened.
I somehow managed to get inside the building without running into anything and I headed up to my room.
I fumbled for my keys and after getting my drunken butt in the room, I went straight for my bed and passed out.
Little did I know, that I wouldn't remember what I just did in the morning and that I would only wake up to find myself in more of a pickle than before.

OMO! SHE KISSED JIN. *screams internally*

What will happen next with Jin and Hyun-Ae and what was Taehyung trying to tell her?
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That was such a cute chapter! And what's this? Tae is having feelings now too!?
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