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Today's challenge for the Vingle Cosplay Challenge is to list three characters you hope to cosplay! Here goes - I'll keep this short ;) These are just characters I've been waiting and waiting to cosplay, and can't wait to finally bring to life!

1. Emilia from Re:Zero

While we still have a lot to learn about her, I truly love Emilia. She's an angel, no matter how you look at it. Her goals are to protect people & do her best to understand them, even when they confuse her to no end (looking at you, Subaru). Plus, I love her cat ears hoodie thing and really want to wear it!

2. Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy 7

I love Tifa & everything she stands for. Tifa is strong, caring and empathetic, but she hides her own emotions to some extent. She's also a bit of a mother figure, which I can really relate to in terms of the characters I like.

3. Kanan Matsuura from Love Live! Sunshine~

Even though we haven't got to know her very well yet in the anime, I already can tell how much I care for Kanan! I really love her styling & color choices as well, so her outfits will be so fun to cosplay once I get the chance! I hope she'll become a regular character to cosplay for me like Nozomi has :)