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Today's challenge for the Vingle Cosplay Challenge is to share why you love cosplay! Easy, right? I'll share a list of four reasons I love cosplaying :)

1. It's challenging~

One of the reasons I like cosplay so much is because it's challenging, and I love a good challenge! It's all about finding the perfect pieces at the perfect price, and making the whole look come together. It doesn't take so much skill that you can't do it, but you do have to try hard & focus to do it as I like to!

2. It's fun!

This is probably the most important reason for me: it's simply fun! I like cosplaying, so I cosplay :D

3. You can enjoy it with your friends!

I wouldn't have come to love cosplaying as much as I do if it weren't for my friends. I cosplayed a few times in high school & largely stopped again until my friends encouraged me again in cosplay.

And that's it!

Thanks, everyone, for doing this challenge with me <3
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and it's for all ages