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This group has sadly disbanded.
Forty-Eighth Group: myB
(You're My Best)
Debuted: August 24th, 2015
Latest Comeback: September 12th, 2015
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Members: (6)
Name: Jeon Hee Joo
Stage Name: Heejoo
She is a vocalist.
She was born in 1996.
Name: Lee Yoo Jung
Stage Name: Ujung
She is a vocalist.
She was born in 1997.
Name: Choi Moon Hee
Stage Name: Moonhee
She is a rapper.
She was born in 1997.
Name: Kang Ji Won
Stage Name: G-Won
She is a vocalist.
She was born in 1997.
Name: Lee Joo Kyung
Stage Name: Jookyung
She is the Leader and a rapper.
She was born in 1997.
Name: Jung Ha Yoon
Stage Name: Hayoon
She is the Maknae and a vocalist.
She was born in 1998.
Fun Fact: She made her first appearance in their Music Video for Ddoddo.
Do you know myB?
Which member is your favorite?
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@ChaErica thanks so much for all the hard work you've put into this collection, it makes me so happy to see all these groups I love getting a bit of spotlight!!! ^^
Choi Moon Hee aka Moonhee might be my favorite
@destiny1419 Ikr? When I looked at their ages I was like "wow they're so young!" I think Moonhee may be my favorite as well!
They are all so young yet so talented... My favorite member is Moonhee
@MattK95 You're welcome lol! Currently we have plans to dive into groups that are super underrated (aka groups who don't even have profiles!) We will be coming up with new cards for this series sometime this month! But really all the thanks goes to you guys for liking them so much! Thanks for commenting and liking it means a lot to us and I'm sure it does to the groups too!!
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