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Ri-Ri took to her Twitter the morning after Carnival Partying, posting: "Woke up in paint and a veil from partying in de street all morning!!! #Barbados #FOREDAYmorning CROP OVA almost here! #heauxm."
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@relinashinee @blairwitme but this is what Rihanna does.. lol maybe we are getting tired of this kind of antics though
4 years ago·Reply
@shoenami, I sure am... althugh it was a good thing her n CB broke up. Too much drama
4 years ago·Reply
@relinashinee yeah that.. ugh! totally uncool.. it's okay if they just keep it to themselves but it's all over their social media accounts!
4 years ago·Reply
...I just don't understand celebrity fashion. Wait, not all celebrities dress this horrendously. Some, their taste is really questionable. To each their own I suppose.
4 years ago·Reply
@shoenami, well they are them... stark naked and all XD
4 years ago·Reply