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Ri-Ri took to her Twitter the morning after Carnival Partying, posting: "Woke up in paint and a veil from partying in de street all morning!!! #Barbados #FOREDAYmorning CROP OVA almost here! #heauxm."
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@relinashinee @blairwitme but this is what Rihanna does.. lol maybe we are getting tired of this kind of antics though
@shoenami, I sure am... althugh it was a good thing her n CB broke up. Too much drama
@relinashinee yeah that.. ugh! totally uncool.. it's okay if they just keep it to themselves but it's all over their social media accounts!
...I just don't understand celebrity fashion. Wait, not all celebrities dress this horrendously. Some, their taste is really questionable. To each their own I suppose.
@shoenami, well they are them... stark naked and all XD