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Love at Seventeen finally ended. As you know I don't really like watching emotional stuff. This drama turn out to make me mushy and cried a tad. It may not be the most unique story. It's a bit cliche but the acting, chemistry and friendship here is what kept me watching. I'm glad I continued to stick around till the end because the finale was perfect. I couldn't have expected a better ending for this one. Here's a short review! I will try my best not to spoil it for those of you who haven't watched it.
Opening Theme: Alan Kuo ft. Min-Chen - My Only Love
I usually include the OST music video at the end of the review but I love the theme song so much I need to add it at the top. It's really uplifting and adorable.
如果有挽回遺憾的第二次機會 ,你會如何選擇?
We should have no regrets in life.
If you have a second chance to save your missed opportunities, what's your choice?
Episodes: 15
The drama is mix of two periods: 17 year old and 30 year old of the characters. The story opens with a flashback of their 17 year old self. Then, transition to their 13 years old current self. They group of friends dispersed after a misunderstanding and meets again. The plot will focus on salvaging the friendship and relationship that took the wrong shift 13 years ago.
MAIN CHARACTER: He Hao Yi || played by LEGO LEE He has a 6 seconds fraternal twin sister, Siao Fen.
After his parents divorced he was brought up by his father. When his father passed away, he lived with his mother and fraternal sister. At a young age, he became an independent, tough, and understanding guy. At 31 year old, he became a crisis management specialist.
His life motto: 'Timing is everything.'
MAIN CHARACTER: Ai Li Shi (Alice) || played by Nikki Hsieh
17 years old Alice is a very optimistic, passionate, considerate, and caring girl. She was known as the 'trash can truck' because of her can-do attitude and generate heart. She was always the person resolving her friend's conflicts. 31 year old Alice is a research team leader. She's known as an expert in her field, a workaholic and arrogant co-worker. Every calls her 'the machine' since she resembles a machine with no emotions.
SUPPORT: Bai Shu Lei || Played by Amanda Chou
One of Alice's best friend, top female swimmer in her high school, and most popular girl in school. Everything thinks she has it all - finance and beauty but outside a her glamorous shell is an insecure girl.
SUPPORT: Song Han Ming || Played by Edison Wang
His spiffy image and toned body catches the attention of many females. At work, he's a smart, diligent, ambitious and frank Business Unit Manager. However, behind his charming specs, he has a dark past he wants to hide.
SUPPORT: Liu Siao Fen || Played by Alina Cheng
She's the older fraternal twin of He Hao Yi. She's also the best friend of Alice and Bai Shu Lei. Her occupation is a beauty blogger. Despite, her fangirl personality, she's a warm, gullible and romantic girl.
The story does focus more on He Hao Yi and Alice's missed opportunity. In the beginning of the drama, He Hao Yi is seen chasing Alice because she dropped her wallet. They became friends after a series of unfortunate events and their feelings start to developed. However, due to a misunderstand in high school Alice moved and He Hao Yi has been trying to find her again. Throughout entire series, you'll be seeing He Hao Yi as the one chasing after Alice but there is a twist!
@biancadanica98 Yes! Edison Wang played the villain in Bromance. He's a total sweetheart here.
This sounds pretty good, I love Amanda Chou! She was hilarious in Bromance. Two main leads in this drama played in Bromance as well.
@MyAffairWith Well, I do encourage you to try write a card someday. It's quite fun. 😉 And, Yes! I actually discovered Cheese in the Trap through a couple of cards on Vingle. People were talking about it so I gave it a shot. The characters are really unique. However, I was a bit disappointed with the ending.
@cindystran I love watching dramas too! I just haven't reviewed any of them like you. I'm currently watching Cheese in the trap. Have you seen that one?
@MyAffairWith Thank you! I enjoy watching dramas so I don't mind writing about it! 😉
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