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Hello again! It's almost 2 AM here where I live so welcome to the third Moonbin Friday!!
As I mentioned last Friday this week's card would be about something that Moonbin is super good at.

And that is...


First up we got Binnie dancing to Nalina by Block B.
Second his dance in Astro's drama To Be Continued. If you haven't already watched it you'd better. The drama is amazing!
Third the dance kings Bin and Rocky dancing on After School Club.
And lastly Moonbin, Rocky, and Sanha's dance to Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars.
So, uh who wants dance lessons from him?
*raises hand*
That's it for this weeks card. Look forward to next weeks card! ;)
Hint: It's about something adorable he does!
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@ChaErica oh ChaErica I just noticed
@ChaErica will do
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