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This, my friends, is an ad for Re:Zero Episode 18.

It says the following:

The title of episode 18 is "Zero Kara" and it will be 25 minutes 45 seconds long. It says, "The worst, the best, the despair, and the hope, and...this 25 minutes and 45 seconds which burns your heart will start."

Does this means it's going to get worse?!

I can't...I can't take it anymore...the suffering will be too much......oh no....
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I also feel like this show is doing its best to depress me, after each new episode I just have to go out and do something that I love
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It's sooooo good i needs more now i cant wait til Sunday....must have it now
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IKR, Why must you kill Rem everytime 馃槶馃槶
a year agoReply
yup every freaking time....ugh....need more
a year agoReply
We need a Rem protection problem XD i can't take it, i cry everytime 馃様
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