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The first 5 facts: 40. Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee are based on Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, respectively. 39. If a Pokemon existed that had every type, it would be weak only to Rock types. 38. Ekans spells "Snake" backwards, and Arbok "Kobra." 37. Poliwag’s swirls actually resemble a real-life tadpole’s intestines. 36. Arcanine was originally intended to be a legendary Pokemon, but was replaced by Moltres.
Love Pokemon and love these facts! Please keep them coming^^.
They should have made Arcanine legendary... he's way more badass than Moltres. And I can't believe I never noticed number 38!
@EightyNine Arcanine is much more suited for the sudo-legendary list in my opinion. it's still as awesome and powerful like a regular legendary, but doesn't have all the responsibilities and weight of the world kind of pressure on it 😆