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Min Yoongi & You (Jangmi)
Roses are always so beautiful and tempting to pluck, but be careful for they have thorns and make you bleed.
Our relationship is like a rose, beautiful and painful, so tempting, such a toxic relationship. It's destroying us. We our slowly killing ourselves, using each other and not caring for the consequence to come.
We are only humans, we are made of mistakes.


The music was loud and the shots I took was starting to have an effect on me. I felt relax and silly. My stress, my worries gone like that. I let the music and the crowed of people move me around the dance floor. I usually don't dance, but today I did. Today I did whatever the hell I wanted.
Work was stressful, my boss kept yelling at me for every little mistake I did. He was in such a bad mood that he took it out on me. Someone, most likely his wife, pissed him off. He made me work a double, I barely got a break. Also, two days ago I caught my boyfriend cheating on me. I swear that boy was stupid. He gave me his spare key to his house. I went over because I had left my watch the last time I was there and one of my shirts. I was just going to go in and get it and if he was there then ask if he was free to go eat with me.
I unlocked his door and walked in on him naked and on top of another girl. I saw boobs that weren't mine, that was disgusting. He looked at me, face full of shock. I ran to his room and grabbed my things before telling him to next time do it in his room and never give his spare key to anyone. I stormed out of there, throwing the key at him. I was pissed and wanted to beat them both up, but thought I was better then that. I had a hunch he was sleeping with other girls, anyways. I should have known better.
He actually followed me out and tried to stop me. He said that he was sorry it just happened and he thought I didn't love him. Giving all the excuses he could. I didn't take any of that and told him we were done. After that, he blamed everything on me, saying it was MY FAULT that he was sleeping around. He said I was cold hearted, a b*tch, and that I was most likely cheating on him since I didn't go all hulk on him. I told him to shut up, quit his winning and go back to the slut that probably gave him a disease. That shut him up. So yeah , my day, no my week was ruin . So I decided to go to a club and distress.
I danced around, jumping with the music, with the people. At some point I felt too hot and nauseous so I left the dance floor and headed into the bathroom. Looking at myself in the mirror, I saw how drunk I was. My cheeks were rosy and my eyes slightly glazed. I fixed the Maroon dress I was wearing. It was short sleeved, v-neck dress, mid thigh in length. I wore matching color heels. My hair was curly and down.
I blinked a couple of times trying to sober up. When I felt better I left the bathroom, thinking of heading home. I stumbled out and straight into someone. I looked up and saw a man with salmon color hair. His eyes looked fierce and he features seemed cold, indifferent and he beamed with confidence. He smiled at me.
"Sorry" I said before trying to make my way towards the exit.
"Wait." He grabbed my hand stopping me. I looked at him "Heading home so soon?" He asked giving me a sad look.
"Why?" I asked. His mischievous playful smile came back. (Dang…he's cute.)
"Wanna dance?" Now it was my turn to smile. He was handsome.
I pulled him towards the dance floor and we started moving to the music, our bodies pressed together. We didn't talk much. He asked me my name and told me his was Min Yoongi. We dance and we drank. At some point we left the club and went back to his place. Once we were inside his house and the door close behind us, he pushed me up against it and kissed me. It was wild and rough, needing. His hands were on my thighs, slowing moving up, lifting my dress. He pulled away catching his breath and taking off my dress. I kicked my heels off my feet as he took off his shirt. I couldn't help, but stare at his abs. He pulled me back to his lips and we starting stumbling around his place until we got to his bed room. It all felt so right, yet so wrong. He rid me the last of my clothes and laid me down. His eyes hungry, lustful. He shed the last of his clothes and that night we drowned ourselves in our desire, in our sinful pleasure, with no worries, no stress in our mind.


I wasn't able to get drunk no matter how much I drank today, I was starting to get bored of being in the club. I was bored of the same chicks throwing themselves at me. I was thinking of heading home until I saw a girl leave the dance floor and head into the girls bathroom. There was something interesting about her. I wanted to get a closer look, so I waited and when she came out I got in her path. She stumbled straight into me. She smelled like roses, her eyes so entrapping, her lips so red and full. She was tipsy.
"Sorry" she said as she started walking past me.
"Wait." I grabbed her hand, stopping her. "Heading home so soon?" I asked giving her a sad, lonely look.
"Why?" She asked me, tilting her head in s sexy manner, even the look she gave seem seductive.(Damn…) I smiled.
"Wanna dance?" Now it was her turn to smile. She was beautiful and the playful, lip biting smile she gave me made me want to kiss her.
She lead me to the dance floors and we danced, our bodies pressed up against each other. I asked her for her name and she told me it was Jangmi (rose), I told her mine. We dance for a bit and drank, I was finally feeling the alcohol. My mind felt hazy, my vision swirled and my body felt hot. Jangmi was making it worse with how close she was, our bodies rubbing as we danced, her scent. She helped me forget the pain, the stress I had on my mind.
I decided I wanted to be alone with her, so we left the club and ended up at my place. When we entered my house and the door closed, I pressed my lips to hers, wanting, needing to know what her lips tasted like. (So sweet and soft) She bit my lip and it made me want to take the clothes, that was keeping us apart, off. I took her dress off and my shirt. Her body looked beautiful and so tempting. I pulled her to my lips needing more, wanting more. I led her to my room, getting rid of the last piece of clothing we had on and I laid her down. It was so sweet being in her, I felt like I was drowning in pleasure, my mind was foggy. We let ourselves sink deeper and deeper in this bitter sweet pleasure. We thought nothing, just felt.


-A week later-
After I left Yoongi's place that morning I found out he lived only five minutes away from me. I didn't keep in contact, that was my first and last One Night Stand. I've never really slept with strangers or every boyfriend I had. I thought it was going to be awkward leaving his place in the morning, especially if he was awake, but strangely it wasn't.
I woke up around 8 in the morning with Yoongi hugging me and his face buried in my neck. I tried to sneak away, but he held on tight, it was a little uncomfortable for me. My exes weren't the cuddling type. I removed his arm and he didn't wake. I got out of bed and wrapped myself in a blank he had there, looking for my clothes that was scattered everywhere in his house. I walked out of his room, leaving his bedroom door open, and went to find my dress. As I picked it up off the floor a cellphone rang. It wasn't my ringtone so it had to have been Yoongi's. It rang and rang before finally going silent. He still didn't wake. The boy could sleep. I was about to slip my dress on when it rang again, only this time he answered it.
"What do you want?" His voice sounded agitated, looking over, I saw him sitting up in his bed staring at me. I continued to get dressed, he sighed.
"What's up?" His voice relaxed. The person on the other side must have either been talking a lot or had asked him a question he needed to think about cause it took him a while to answer. He never once stopped watching me as I gathered my things.
"Ok, I'll be right there." He hung up and I walked out the door, giving him a goodbye smiled. I only saw him from a distance when I left to work or came back home. We never talked to each other or greeted. We acted like we never knew each other.
I had gotten off of work late, it was a busy and stressful day. My boss was in a pisses off mood and took it out on me over any small thing, he even fired me right as I was leaving . That really ticked me off cause I never missed a shift and actually did the work compare to the other workers there. My walk home was long, about 20 minutes. I was close, only a block away when I heard cussing. I was going to ignore it until I heard a grunting noise and saw a group of guys beating someone up. I hid next to a building and just watched. On the ground, slumped over, was a guy with salmon like hair color, (I recognize that hair color anywhere)… He started laughing. (This guy is stupid. Who in their right mind laughs in that situation…stupid Yoongi. ) A dark hair boy grabs him off the ground and punches him. They cursed at him and kicked him over and over. Four against one, unfair. I wanted to ignore it, just go home to my bed and sleep, but my stupid conscious wouldn't let me. I grabbed my phone and held it to my ear, still hiding.
"Hello? 911? Yeah there's a group of guys assaulting someone. Yes please send help." I said loud enough for them to hear.
They looked around frantic and took off leaving Yoongi on the floor. I didn't really call the police, I knew better. I didn't want to get involved and get asked questions, having to stay up longer. I walked over to him and hunched down. He looked like he was sleeping. His lip was bleeding and he reeked of alcohol. (Stupid.) He was still breathing so I knew he was alive. His cheek was bruised.
He started laughing and grunting from pain that's how drunk he was. I wanted to leave him there, but then he would probably freeze to death and the moron barely had any clothes on. He was wearing torn up black jeans and a white, well no longer white, v-neck t-shirt with a black zip up Hoodie. (Gosh, to be this drunk, something stressful must have happened to him …)
"Hey, hey you. Get up."I poked his face, no response.
"Yoongi…Min Yoongi…Helloooo." Nothing, sighing I started searching through his pockets.
(Where the heck is his wallet and house keys?! Did he lose it or did those guys take it? Great…just great.) I sat him up and wrapped his arm around my should, hoisting him up. Gosh, he was heavy.
"Hey wake up. Wake up you stupid head!" "Ugh where are you keys?" I started rambling to myself when he did answer.
(God, he smells too much of alcohol.) I had no choice, but to take him back to my place which was 10 minutes away from where we were at. It felt like a hours before I finally reached my door. I had trouble getting my keys out of my pocket and unlocking the door. I closed the door with my foot and stumble into my living room. I threw him onto the sofa and let myself drop to the floor in exhaustion. (Uuuuh… what a day…) Standing up, I went and showered, washing this horrible day off. I wore black sweat pants and a white long tee as pajamas. The T-shirt belonged to an ex of mine, but I like the shirt too much to return it. Guys' clothes are always the best.
I grabbed some blankets and pillows out of my room and threw them on the sofa, next to Yoongi's feet, as I walked into my kitchen to get something to drink and looking for the first-aid kit I had under the kitchen sink. Why was it there? I don't know… I walked over to him and starting cleaning his wounds. I took his jacket off and shoes. I really wanted to spray him with perfume or something cause he just reeked. I lifted his shirt and saw huge bruises, I winced at the sight almost feeling as if I was the one beaten. I put some patches on them and covered him up with the blankets. I picked his head up and slid a pillow underneath it. I grabbed a bottle of water and some aspirin leaving it on the coffee table.
Just as I was walking toward my room I heard Yoongi mumble. I walked back to check on him and notice tears slipping out his eyes and his brows were knitted together. (Don't cry…don't cry…) ( It's been a stress day, huh?) I wiped his cheek and poked him in the middle of his forehead, trying to get him to relax. ( It's okay. No frowning or you will get wrinkles on that beautiful face of yours.) I started softly patting his back. ( Don't cry…)
I fell asleep.
I need sleep…but I can't get any…sigh TT-TT when it's not time for bed and it's the sun is out I can literally sleep anywhere; sitting, standing, laying, walking (as long as I'm holding onto someone.) At a store, car, restaurant, chair, bed, sofa, corner, etc.
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Awe~ don't cry Yoongi... and yes guy clothing are super comfortable! I stole my dad's sweatpants (he never wears them) and one of this muscle shirts lol.
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