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BTS (Jungkook Part 2)

Hello and welcome (back). Surprise, I can't believe I already finished this so here you go.
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Jin Part 2
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Yoongi's POV
"Come on, we know you want to talk about it," Jimin insisted. "If I do it everything will be ruined..." I whispered putting my head against one of the cabinet. "Look Yoongi, even if the girl has a boyfriend I think you should confess to her. It's not fair to either of you. It can pull apart your insides if you don't," Namjoon advised.
Y/N's POV:
Yoongi was obviously torn over the subject. Finally he lifted his head off the cabinet. "Fine," he replied to Namjoon. "I'll do it... (Y/N) ..." I froze at the sound of my name. He was looking at me with sincerity in his eyes. 'Oh, Shit,' I thought to myself. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other and cleared his throat "(Y/N) ... I really like you."
I froze. I didn't know what to say and I was in such shock. I sat there on my butt trying to find out what to do. I looked over to an obviously upset Kookie. Suddenly I see him jump up and started to go after Yoongi. Quickly, I ran in between him and Suga because I know that this would result in a fight.
"Move, (Y/n)." Kookie demanded trying to push pass me. The rest of the guys started to get involved right after I did. Namjoon and V, helped my with Jungkook and J-hope, Jin and Jimin took care of Suga. It wasn't easy cooling them down because both of them have a bad tempers. All of us got them separated to their rooms and lock them in there for the night. "God, this won't be good," I said under my breath as I walked into the living room to catch my breath. I sat down on the couch and put my hands over my face trying to work things out in my head.
Namjoon and the guys were walking back in. They took their usual places. I looked at them. I could tell they saw worry on my face. "Did you really have to push guys. It was obvious that he didn't want to talk about it, but you just had to push," I paused. "Why did this day go like this?" I asked myself rubbing my face up and down in frustration. "(Y/n)?" Jin spoke first. "What?" the frustration came out in my tone. I looked at Jin apologetically. " I just wanted to ask, do you or did you have any feelings for Suga? I mean I know you and Jungkook are a thing, but when we all first meet it seemed like you might... I don't know...?" "What? Have feelings for him?" I laughed like it was my own inside joke. They all looked at me with concern in their eyes.
"What's so funny?" Namjoon asked in a serious tone. "That it took about half a year to get over him and start liking someone else, but no one noticed. Now he wants to pursue me when I'm with someone else, in love with some one else." I rolled my eyes as I looked at some of their shock that was on their faces. "I'm leaving, tell Jungkook to call me. I can't sit here taking your judgments." "We are not judging you and you know you can talk to us if you need to. We are your..." Jimin said before I cut him off. "What FREINDS? Please, you were their friends first and you would choose them over me any day. Which is good because they really need some right now."
I felt as if I was about to cry. I was half way down the street regretting that I yelled at them. The Boys had done nothing wrong and they didn't deserve any of that. I just couldn't take it. I had been hiding my feelings from Yoongi since I met him. He was my first love and I will never forget how I felt about him, but I did move on and fell in love with Jungkook. Yoongi confessing to me just brought old feeling flooding in that I didn't want any more because I knew it will ruin what me a Jungkook have.
*the next day*
"Five, Six, Seven, Eight..." Dance practice was great for once. I guess since it got my mine off of things. "Okay, Girls, that's it for the day," said our choreographer. I sighed knowing that meant no more distractions and I had to face the facts. " (Y/n), do you want to get something to eat with the rest of us?" Julia the lead singer of my group, GYF (Girls Forever Young). Of Course I was the leader of the group because I had started training when I was ten, but she did have some great vocals. "Yeah, sounds great," Yes, you all will be a great distraction from my life.
I didn't eat much, I was too distracted by everyone, even Angel our manager/ My best friend came. Julia was the quiet one of the group when she wasn't singing. Then there's Kristine who was the exact opposite of her. Angel, of course was the first to notice something was off about me. "What's wrong?" She asked finally. We had finished eating and were walking home to our dorm that was about four blocks away.
"Do you remember how I told you about my thing for Suga a while back?" "Yeah, Well he...he... confessed in front of... His group to me." The words didn't fail to stick in my throat. "I knew he liked you back,... but wait everyone?" "Everyone," I replied. "Now, I see why it was so troublesome." I started to tell her the story, but I couldn't finish because I started to cry. I knew things will be different from now on and I can't change what happened. I have to deal with it one step at a time.
The first step is to drag everything out of my closet for everyone to see...
(What is (Y/n) going to do? Is she going to tell Kookie and or Yoongi about her feelings? How is she going to handle this? Find out in Jungkook Part 3)
Thanks for reading,
Luna Fergus
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