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Well, that's a bit of a loaded question! See, I have my computer set to rotate between over 50 different wallpapers, almost exclusively anime (even more for my lock screen/screensaver! I try to limit each anime to 3), plus the lock screen and wallpaper for my phone! I guess I'll just stuff as much as I can into this card... I'll sort by anime for your convenience! The first one is my main lock screen when my laptop is not plugged in. It's also in the wallpaper rotation, and the panel with Yato and Yukine also serves as my phone lock screen. Since I'm starting with that, I'll just make this first panel Noragami!

Akame Ga Kill!

Attack on Titan

Assassination Classroom

Black Butler

Blue Exorcist

Death Note

Devil is a Part-Timer


Fairy Tail

That last one is the back of my phone case

Fullmetal Alchemist

Gurren Lagann


Kill La Kill



Soul Eater

My phone wallpaper is a variation on the DTK one

Sword Art Online

Tokyo Ghoul

And that's why I choose to leave the default wallpaper on my computer as there are just too many pictures and not enough space on the hard drive.
@alliepetey lol, I probably would too if I wasn't so strict about limiting them!
omg same! i have over 400 wallpapers (all from anime XD) that play as a slideshow as the background of my computer desktop
Lol, mine has pretty much just been my waifu (If you know who that is from my card). Otherwise, my lock screen was Ben from Ben Drowned, except it was super dark and in black and white... sorta. Someone turns on the phone to see a black face, and "You shouldn't have done that." Below it.
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