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cowardly but tough and hilarious when together. @kurosakijess@nimm14@luffynewman@chrisstephens@hunnaballue@corywilkening@jmafw
Usopp: I... I'm not a coward... I'm the brave captain Usopp and I've got ten tousand elite soldiers behind me... so um... uh... surrender now!
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them 3 are funny together in the thriller bark those 3 got scared when they saw the ghost and zombie
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@JinShishigami26 to be fair, even Brook got scared of the zombies, so scared in fact his hair stood right on end, get it because he doesn't have hair because he's a skeleton... Yoohoo SKULL JOKE! oh wait he does have hair... huh...
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yes a afro brook is funny
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i like him
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