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안녕하세요 친구! Thank you for those who participated. I appreciate it. Hope some of them were a bit challenging. In other news, we have a Winner!!! yayyyy As mentioned previously in the game card: you have your choice of a one shot ir spam of your favourite History member!

The following are the correct answers...each set was done based on Era track list. Set #1{Just Now Era}: °Ma Red Night °열대야 (Tell Me Love) Set #2 {Beyond the History Era}: °죽어버릴 지도 몰라 (Might Just Die) °Ghost °Mind Game Set #3 {Blue Spring Era}: °Hello °신파 (Easy) Set #4 {Desire Era} °Psycho °Blue Moon Set #5 {HIM}: °Wild Boy °Queen °Baby, Hello
And our winner is: ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Wahhhh congratulations to

You are our winner of the emoji name that song History game. Thank you so much for playing and everyone else. Let me know what you would like.
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@IsoldaPazo @MrsKyungil I'm speechless but, Whoa! Thank you. This is a first for me in anything History related. I pick Song Kyungil !! ♡
@Vyvyn Congrats lovely: would you like foto spam or one shot?
@IsoldaPazo one shot
@Vyvyn Congratulations!
@MelissaGarza thank u :)