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What would it be like if BTS were at a raging house party? Like a, packed wall to wall, drinks everywhere, house party!

Jin would be wondering why there's only alcohol and not any snacks. He'd then take the car and run to the convenience store and buy some. He'd probably also eat them in the car parked in the parking lot before going back.

Yoongi would be bitching about the music. He'd be saying it's all mainstream pop and no one has any good taste. He'd then start fighting with them while trying to plug his phone into the speakers, insisting that he needs to school them on the classics. When they give in, he plays old school hip-hop with a smug look on his face.

Either that or he's at the door charging people to come in. Without the host's knowledge of course. He's not gonna split that cash. Chains don't buy themselves, you know.

Hoseok would be drunk like crazy! We're talking annihilated, hammered, smashed plastered; he's wasted beyond belief! Why exactly? Because he didn't know and he thought the spiked punch was just normal punch. He also thought the jello shots were just jello. Needless to say, he's trying to talk to thirty people at once, but he's not making any sense and everyone is trying to tune out his loud nonsense. He's later found passed out on the lawn with a garden gnome in his arms.

The next day he tries to remember what happened. He eventually remembers a few tidbits and all he can think is...idiot...

Namjoon would be on the roof looking up at the stars. The moment he walked in and saw the crowded craziness, he dipped out and this was the only quiet spot he found.

He's thankful that he brought a flask of his preferred alcohol since his tastes are too refined for that swill they have downstairs. He may have a few people around him, discussing life and having meaningful conversations until the sun rises. Or he may just have his notebook out, scribbling down lyrics. Don't fall you clumsy boy! Drinking on the roof, not your best idea mister god of destruction.

Jimin is immediately, yet politely, making his way to where the dancing is taking place. He hasn't had a drop of alcohol because he simply hasn't had the time between busting a move and eyeing up the ladies. However, when those ladies come over to try to talk to him, his confidence stays on the dance floor and he gets shy. He soon wishes he'd have had a little to drink so he could make conversation easier. So much for getting down with his bad self.

Taehyung is tipsy, not quite drunk. He's in the backyard making friends with the hosts dog, as well as the other neighborhood pets that seem to be drawn to all the ruckus. He eventually makes his way back to the party with several animals following and two cats in his arms. Jimin complains to him because the dogs are getting in the way of his dancing and Yoongi complains that no one can hear the music. No amount of desperation or pouting solves the matter.

Jungkook is too naive for this situation. First, he walks into one of the bedrooms by accident because he's looking for the bathroom. Guess what, there was a sock on the door. Shield your eyes young one!

Then he's telling everyone not to crowd the stairs because it's dangerous. The neighbors inevitably call the parents of the host, who of course call the police. When they show up, he's confused as to why everyone is taking off and scattering. At least he's of age right? He's caught for trespassing though. Lesson learned, Jin is gonna be pissed...

Pretty sure I want to be at that rager. How about you guys?

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I would love to be at that rager! πŸ˜€
Yoongi's is hilarious πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜‚
hell yes!
@MandyNoona @MelissaGarza let us all get turnt! This will be absolutely lit fam! Kekeke please read that in a super correct annunciation so it sounds dumb lol.
@MadAndrea I did. and it did. lolll love it!