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I DID IT!!👏😂

I actually did it! I almost cant believe I did the challenge xD TuT my hand hurts a lot tho from all the erasing and going back to make it look darker and more perfect xD (sadly I try to be perfect hasn't worked out so much xD) BUT I DID IT!! *cries happy tears*

My Lovely inspiration was little Juvia!❤ I had to draw the rest of the top tho it might have looked weird if I didn't lol xD

My hand hurts TuT but look at that cutie! CX ......T_T I know it's not as good but hey I tried and I had fun doing this!

I hope those I tagged get more inspired from this ( as if xD) to try and draw your favorite FT character! And Remember to have fun!❤

Hope you guys do it! (I know some of you have and good job!)

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@AimeBolanos okay I'll make the card soon.
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@hikaymm Thank you!
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so cute :)
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