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Alrighty! So I chose to draw Bixlow and Lily. They're my favorites. Not good enough to come up with stuff on my own, so I had a couple inspirations and put a little twist on them. I drew them last night and finished them today.
Didn't have an eraser to clean up the finished piece lol.
Wanted to put him on some casual clothes. Hope I did ok!
Lily is so cute! And I had to add his love of kiwi lol
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THIS IS SO CUTE! (βŒ’β–½βŒ’)
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Looks great!
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@JackiStyles @watermage @CandyApple22 thank you 😁😁
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@Boinx lol thanks! I humbly accept the kiwis on behalf of Lily πŸ˜†
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wow!!! β™‘β™‘
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