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Chapter one is here: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> Chapter 2 ~weeks later~ (Mariela P.O.V) Logan is driving threw the express way to get to the airport. "If I was driving we would of gotten their Logan" I said. "No we would of die, remember last time" Logan said . "That's history Logan" I said. "History that you never forget" Isaac said. Laughter. "I can't disagree on that Melanie" Aaliyah said with a smile and hugging me. We arrive at the airport and we still had 2hrs before the airplane takes off. "The way we talk is not going to be the same in that all girl school maybe if your lucky you will find a gamer like you guys" Aaliyah said. "What do you mean?" Isaac said sounding not surprise. "Come on Isaac you know what you sister means" I said. "Of course I know my own sister" Isaac said. "How did you end up finding out that we are actually going to a all girl school Aaliyah" Logan said. "Logan my sister herd our conversation when we left her room that day when Melanie was their too, I saw her" Isaac said looking around. "But we where whispering Isaac" Logan said. "Logan my sis is a witch, she know everything, like last time I wanted to sneak out of the house and for some reason she end up finding out but she wasn't there when I was talking to Steven about it" Isaac said looking at Aaliyah. "I was just protecting you Isaac, Steven is a bad child and you know it plus he only wanted to use you as bate" Aaliyah said almost shouting. "Hey you guys,Stop it we are in public, Isaac your sister was just taking care of you be grateful" I said. The atmosphere felt awkward so Logan playful push Isaac into his sister and knowing Aaliyah could old back but to hug his big brother. "Thanks for saving me that day I was very ignorant" Isaac said with a smile. Seeing them I got emotional but sadly I'm the oldest from my twin. "Sorry to brake the cuteness but me and Aaliyah we want you guys to have this" I said. I gave Logan his present and Aaliyah to Isaac. Logan and Isaac open the bag their face expression was funny they both closed it fast. "You girls save us cause Logan idea was not brilliant" Isaac said. "Hey at least I was trying to find a way you didn't gave me any ideas" Logan said looking at Isaac. "Also our luggages is yours Isaac and Logan" Aaliyah said. "We new you girls where going to do that so we pack our luggages for you, theirs tight boy boxers just incase also to hide the melons" Isaac said. Laughter. I'm so thankful I have a brother and same size as well so I don't have to buy clothing. "Before we take off let's get our act together so let's use a family bathroom you guys go first and then we go" Aaliyah said. So we all four rush to the family bathroom we lucky their was two and nobody was around to see, we got in. ~10min later~ We all got out at the same time we look at each other and I couldn't believe my guy twin looks better that me. "Damn you guys, I mean girls" Aaliyah said. "Thank you, thank you" Logan said. "Since you guys are going to be surrounded by girls watch out your thing doesn't pop up and you know what I mean by that you dirty girls" Aaliyah said with a giggle. " their's going to be a lot of those so you girls better not get pregnant" Logan said with a serious tone. "Oh we won't brother that's why I brought these, always use protection" I said. I show it to them proudly and my brother ends up chasing me around. "You guys, stop it, people are looking at us" Aaliyah said. "Logan act like a lady" Isaac said. The call for the airplane has been announce. "Well it's time to go before we do what are your girl names Logan and Issac" I said. "Min Seo" Logan said. "Su Yeon" Issac said. "Cute names, well guys I'm going to miss you" Aaliyah said hugging both of them. We all hug each others and said our goodbyes. "Here sis you may need this" Aaliyah said playfully. "Thanks bro now I won't get pregnant so easy" Isaac said playfully. We went our own ways even though we got on the same airplane. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> I hope you like the chapter see you next time with chapter 3 Here's chapter 3: @MariaMontoya1