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Thanks to our cutest Seungri that is going to play the Kwonnie Sophia @KwonOfAKind character for us!!!!
This is her everyday life!!!!
What happen if I called her "Pervert"!!
And who she think she is..............(innocent heart)......
What Seungri have to say about Her!!!
To my Kwonnie Bae Bae♡♡♡♡ With Love is (Pain) JTOP!!!
.....You know when I got the notification for this card a storm literally started outside lol 😂😂 . . I have an innocent heart.....very very "pure"😈😈. Seungri I didn't stare....I might have peeked a little bit though 😆😆😆
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When I see this word .....PURE from you.......all I can think is PURE BLACK!!!!
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@lovetop thanks lmao....I wonder if I can get it any darker lmao 😂😂
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@KwonOfAKind Yes U can!!!!!1😈😈😈😈
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