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How To Make Lucky Paper Star

Have fun making this xD
I'm going to try this but I know I'm going to fail😅
@otakukpoper same 😂😂
my sister (her name is Shinie) taught me how to make these! The instructions look way harder tho...😅
I just need the paper cranes
Its actually really easy once you get the hang of it. I used to make them all the time.
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DIY peppermint spoons
This is a perfect item to use in your hot holiday drinks — use the peppermint spoon to stir the drink and then the peppermint will melt into your drink. How amazing is that? This DIY tutorial comes from the creative people at Princess Pinky Girl. Materials For this project, you will need: -- Hard peppermint candies -- Oven -- Spoon molds (you can buy these at a craft or baking store or online here) -- Plastic bag -- Food/candy crusher (you can also use a hammer) -- Chocolate chips and sprinkles (optional)You can find most of these items at a craft or grocery store. Form the spoons Put a lot of hard peppermint candies in a plastic bag. Then, use the food crusher or hammer to crush the candies into smaller pieces. Put the smaller pieces into the mold, as shown in the picture above. Make sure there are a lot of peppermint candies in the handle as this section will break easily if there is enough peppermint candy there. Melt the peppermint Melt the peppermint candy in the oven at 300 degrees for about 10 minutes. Keep an eye on the candy to make sure that it melts all the way, but doesn't bubble. If any of the spoon looks thin, you can add some more peppermint candy pieces and stick it back in the oven. Let the spoons cool completely before removing from the molds. If you need more help making the peppermint spoons, check out this video with simple step-by-step instructions. If you want to add some extra flair to your peppermint spoons, you can add melted chocolate and sprinkles to your spoons. Use the peppermint spoon in your favorite holiday drink and enjoy! For more DIY projects for food items, check out the "DIY FOOD" collection!
Working in the Anime Industry: A Struggle
The Japanese Animation Creators Association just recently released the results of a survey taken in 2015 of over 750 different people working in the Anime industry in Japan. Coming from an American standpoint, where our entertainers are paid staggering amounts of money, you might think it would be similar for Anime creators, considering how popular the medium is. You'd be wrong. Here's a collected set of averages from Kotaku that shows the median salary for each different position in the creation of anime. Series Director Average Age: 42 years old Average Monthly Salary: 540,833 yen ($5,036) Average Yearly Salary: 6,490,000 yen ($60,437) Chief Animation Director Average Age: 43 years old Average Monthly Salary: 470,000 yen ($4,378) Average Yearly Salary: 5,640,000 yen ($52,521) Producer Average Age: 39 years old Average Monthly Salary: 451,667 yen ($4,206) Average Yearly Salary: 5,420,000 yen ($50,471) Character Designer Average Age: 38 years old Average Monthly Salary: 425,000 yen ($3,958) Average Yearly Salary: 5,100,000 yen ($47,491) Animation Director Average Age: 38 years old Average Monthly Salary: 327,500 yen ($3,045) Average Yearly Salary: 3,930,000 yen ($36,602) 3DCG Animator Average Age: 34 years old Average Monthly Salary: 320,000 yen ($2,980) Average Yearly Salary: 3,840,000 yen ($35,764) Episode Director Average Age: 41 years old Average Monthly Salary: 316,667 yen ($2,949) Average Yearly Salary: 3,800,000 yen ($35,391) Storyboarder Average Age: 49 years old Average Monthly Salary: 310,000 yen ($2,887) Average Yearly Salary: 3,720,000 yen ($34,647) Art Director (Background Art) Average Age: 35 years old Average Monthly Salary: 285,000 yen ($2,655) Average Yearly Salary: 3,420,000 yen ($31,864) Color Designer Average Age: 38 years old Average Monthly Salary: 278,333 yen ($2,593) Average Yearly Salary: 3,340,000 yen ($31,120) Cinematographer Average Age: 34 years old Average Monthly Salary: 265,833 yen ($2,476) Average Yearly Salary: 3,190,000 yen ($29,723) Production Assistant Average Age: 30 years old Average Monthly Salary: 257,000 yen ($2,394) Average Yearly Salary: 3,090,000 yen ($28,788) Key Animator Average Age: 36 years old Average Monthly Salary: 235,000 yen ($2,189) Average Yearly Salary: 2,820,000 yen ($26,271) Inbetween Checker Average Age: 35 years old Average Monthly Salary: 217,500 yen ($2,026) Average Yearly Salary: 2,610,000 yen ($24,314) Layout Artist/Rough Keyart Average Age: 38 years old Average Monthly Salary: 195,000 yen ($1,817) Average Yearly Salary: 2,340,000 yen ($21,800) Paint Staff Average Age: 26 years old Average Monthly Salary: 162,000 yen ($1,509) Average Yearly Salary: 1,950,000 yen ($18,167) 2nd Key Animation/Clean-Up Average Age: 27 years old Average Monthly Salary: 93,333 yen ($870) Average Yearly Salary: 1,120,000 yen ($10,434) Inbetween Staff Average Age: 24 years old Average Monthly Salary: 92,500 yen ($862) Average Yearly Salary: 1,110,000 yen ($10,340) The people at the top of the pyramid make the most; that's something we can understand universally. However, even at the highest salary, the numbers still pale in comparison to what series directors would be receiving here in the States. It only gets more depressing as you go down the list, where some of these positions mean that these employees are making less than minimum wage. Considering the amount of work and pressure these people are under, it's a little disheartening to see how little they earn for their efforts. So, maybe rethink your foray into the industry for now...
오묘한 매력을 가진 갤러리 ‘샌드위치 apt.’ 그룹전 <사적인 움직임> 오픈
성수동 연무장길 필수 코스가 생겼다. 포토그래퍼 장덕화와 크레이티브 디렉터 오지영이 전시를 주축으로 다양한 프로젝트를 시도하는 갤러리 ‘샌드위치 apt.’를 오픈했다. 샌드위치 패널로 지은 가건물의 상태에서 영감을 얻어 이름 붙여진 ‘샌드위치 apt.’는 최근 SNS 핫플레이스로 급부상한 성수동 연무장길 초입에 나지막이 자리 잡고 있다. 참여 작가의 취향은 분명하나 특별한 색을 가진 작품을 담담히 소개하고자 하며, 작품들이 주는 흡입력이 관람하러 온 사람들과 자연스럽게 유대감을 형성될 수 있도록 기회를 제공해 주는 것이 ‘샌드위치 apt.’의 목적. 입구에서부터 느껴지는 아티스틱한 분위기와 갤러리 곳곳에 숨겨진 무심한 듯 쿨한 인테리어가 발걸음을 찾은 이들에게 잔잔한 재미를 선사한다. ‘샌드위치 apt.’가 선보이는 첫 전시, <사적인 움직임은>은 그룹전으로 ‘플롯(PLOT)’, ‘파라다이스(PARADISE)’의 박상호, ‘글라스 랜드스케이프(GLASS LANDSCAPE)’의 이수진 작가가 스타트를 끊었다. 먼저, 작가 박상호는 많은 시간을 현실과 비현실에 대해 인식하고 자문한다. 색과 패턴 그리고 수직과 수평의 구조적인 형태에 대한 고찰을 미디어아트와 구조물 등으로 풀어낸 ‘플롯’, ‘파라다이스’도 그렇다. 그중 작품 파라다이스는 하늘과 지평선 그림의 종이를 배경으로, 석양과 야자수가 있는 바닷가 모형의 풍경이 영상으로 나타나며 신비로운 무드를 자아낸다. 이는 매체를 통해 파라다이스로 각인되어 이미지가 모니터 속 실제와 허구의 두 가지 구조로 표현되는 것. 허구적 현실의 재현을 통해 갖게 된 우리의 지각과 인식에 대한 이야기를 전달하고자 한다. 작가 이수진은 아슬아슬하거나, 어렴풋한 것, 한 가지로 정의할 수 없는 모호한 결말이나 불확실한 연결성 등에 가치를 둔다. ‘글라스 랜드스케이프’는 자투리 유리를 재활용해 도시화와 산업화에 따른 징후와 현상을 조명한 작품. 잔혹하고 날카로운 공포의 감각을 주는 유리 조각은 달리 생각하면 연약하고 부서지기 쉬운 잔디나 신비로운 결정체처럼 보인다. 거대한 도시의 이면에 숨은 또 다른 도시의 풍경을 간접적으로 표현했다는 점에서 인상 깊다. 앞으로가 더 기대되는 ‘샌드위치 apt.’의 첫 전시 <사적인 움직임>은 오는 7월 31일까지 이어진다. 샌드위치 apt. 서울 성동구 연무장길 114 3층 더 자세한 내용은 <아이즈매거진> 링크에서