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I just- I don't know what to do anymore...I try to laugh and smile even though this is wearing me down....I just, I just can't take it no more. The pain...I just can't deal with it...It's just, first it's that one, then it's that one...And ugh...I'm just so done with it...I could keep in living with the pain, but I decided to just give up, stop with everything...I-I can't- no I won't live with this pain anymore...So, I've decided I'm just going to end it...End it all....I can't live on like this when it's just in the back of my head...I'm just done with it....With all of it..So, I guess this is goodbye...
. . . . . . . . . . . . . Goodbye to all those memories of having a bias!
GUYS I CAN NOT KEEP DOING THIS!! I just can't have a bias in BTS!!! Like how do you have a bias in BTS?!!?! Oh wait, you don't!! So I've made this hard decision on not having a bias anymore... Okay, to be honest, I started liking BTS with a bias. Jungkook. But now somehow, things seen to change as I started to love BTS more. Things happened to me. So I got my list down. Jungkook Taehyung Suga Jimin J-Hope Rap Monster Jin That was this list of my biasing(?) for BTS. Like I said. Was. As you can see, my profile is Taehyung (many of you thinking Taehyung was my bias). As I got more into BTS, I started favoring Taehyung as my bias more than Jungkook, although, I claim to say Jungkook was my bias...But things change. So yeah, I'm here favoring Taehyung, but then, Jimin just slowly started to work his way up to me, like hold on boy. Like Suga wasn't even there!! Jimin just has been, killing me lately...I don't know what's wrong with me, but everytime I see Jimin, my heart flutters, and it's hard to know what I feel about him. And I've never even felt this with Jungkook...The only person I've ever felt this way with, was Mark, yet he took it on another level, but let's not go there today. And I'm still on Jimin mode for some reason..And I just can't seem to get off of it. And then there's Jin. I'm not trying to be like, "oh Jin has blonde hair now, I'mma bias him", no. In fact, Jin was the first person to catch my eye when I started BTS. I've actually liked Jin for awhile now for some reason. Like I was watching on the V-App with Jin, and I couldn't take my eyes off of him, at least when the camera was on him. Like his smile was everything and it was making me smile too! But yeah, Jin has been...So bias wrecking. And then, my sunshine...Ahh, J-Hope...Just saying his name sends me to heaven. *coughs* I mean, ever since I started getting more into BTS and watching them through everything an all, J-Hope became my..Ray of hope, or what I like to call him..My sunshine. He has the smile...That just stops my heart and ugh!! His voice sends me to cloud nine...And he's just so amazing...Too amazing. I love his personality, anything. And I mean pretty much anything, he does can make me smile! Like..When I get depressed (which happens a lot), Kpop idols can hardly get me out of it. Like, when Jungkook was my bias, he couldn't get me out of it..Only Hobi and of course Markiepooh! But Hobi was enough. But if he couldn't pull me out of it, I'd go to Mark, but that's not the point. The point is, J-Hope gets me through so much, that not even my other biases can do, you know...It's like he's perfect for me, or just made for me or something! Taehyung is just my little sweet baby! Thanks to my profile, many people thought he was my bias when he was my bias wrecker the whole time. His personality is like my favorite thing in the world. He is pretty much just like me! I'm weird, he's weird. I'm crazy, he's crazy. He's mine, I'm his, but that's not the point here. Taehyung makes me feel so happy inside. I love him so dearly, I love seeing him so happy...Like he's so dorky and cute, and then the next minute he's all sexy, yet still dorky. He's just my honeybunch, sugarplumpumpy-umpy-umpkin (XD). But yeah, Taehyung is my baby. Rapmonster, Rapmonster, Rapmonster..The Dimples Monster. I LOVE RAPMON'S DIMPLES!! I have dimples as well, yet his are my favorite!! I love how if he just smiled a little bit, they'd still show!! Which is so cute!! Rap Monster is a rap god and is so amazing. He's not the best dancer, but he's....Okay at it?? I don't know...But, Rap Monster makes me so happy whenever I see his dimples. He's just so cute and sexy, which is a dangerous combination!!! He's a great leader, and Namjin is perfect!! Rap Monster gets so much haters, yet he knows how to just shake them off, this is why I love him so much!! He's so amazing and everything!! Suga....Ugh...SUGA!!! UGH!! What am I going to do with you?!?!? He owns one of my favorite Kpop idols smile!! His smile is just so beautiful, that if everything I said made him smile, I'd never stop talking because his smile is amazing. He seems to pull off every hair color he has worn, and it turns out super great!! He has the most swag I've seen.. (XD) But anyways, he's so cute. Like his singing, is on point and everything (XD The "I Need U" thing where the rappers become singers and visa versa)!! But anyways, Suga is amazing and my Sugabear!!! (excuse me while I talk to Jungkook) Jeon Jungkook....Jeon Jungkook...I don't think he'll like me leaving him for all the members...I mean, I love you Jungkook, I really do, but I can't keep being pulled from you by all the other members. Jungkook, I know this is going to hurt you the most, and I don't want you to be hurt...So, please, don't cry, okay? You will always be my Kookie that I dip into milk. Don't forget that...You will always be my baby Kookie and my favorite member (at the moment), but I just can't keep fighting them Jungkook. Hey, don't cry alright...I still love you more than the other members (for now), but I need to take time and let love actually guide me to the right person in BTS...And if that person isn't you, I'll make sure to have you as my bias wrecker...
But yeah, anyways guys...I'm done with having a bias in BTS, while the others fight for my attention and soon pull me away from each other. So BTS is the only group I don't have a bias in now (at the moment), so let's see who ends up stealing my heart!! I'M SORRY JUNGKOOK!!
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my goodness you scared me. but yes, I feel you on so many levels.
DONT DO THIS TO ME , I ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACK READING THE FIRST HALF!!! 馃槶馃槶馃槶 But I understand you fam , Tae has always been my bias but Jimin has been really testing me lately
namjoon is my bias but suga keeps capturing my attention more and more lately---STAAAHP!!! T^T
@TaehyungV I don't hate you! But like, don't play with my feelings like that!
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