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Markie Pooh Monday Hats, Hoods, and Beanie edition
I am going to post that. You are welcome. We all know Jackson has a love for the snapback but have you ever noticed how much Mark loves a good hat. Well if you didn't I have a special treat for you today.
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@Starbell808 I wanted to see if anybody would catch that...good eyes lol
a year ago·Reply
@VeronicaArtino lmao yay me
a year ago·Reply
I like to throw in random there pics on some of my cards to see if anyone notices lol @Starbell808
a year ago·Reply
@VeronicaArtino ah. i wanna see lol
a year ago·Reply
Mark's always loved Beanies but I think his obsession of snapbacks comes from Jackson (mostly) and JaeBum. I mean Jackson and JaeBum are almost always wearing one.
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