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Hello and whats up guys Big Bang has a cafe located in Osaka that will be open for a limited amount of time !! (July 15th to July 28th)

this cafe seriously goes all out though

its got things like:

KRUNK jerk chicken burger -KRUNK Island roast beef bowl -KRUNK special grilled curry -KRUNK × BIGBANG French toast -KRUNK BIG shaved ice -five KRUNK soda


G-DRAGON = pink lemonade SOL = Berry Berry soda TOP = melon soda D-LITE = mango soda VI = Ramune

they've got ...



and more goods❤❤

and even when you go outside the venue it's BEAUTIFUL❤❤

You can even take pictures with the KRUNK bear❤❤

but you don't have to leave your friends out you can take them with you or share the experience with then through photos, videos and limited edition postcards

Awesome right❤❤

You can visit the site >>Here << warning it's all in Japanese fam lol
If any of you guys end up going please let me know about you experience there ❤❤
this is so cute!!!!😍😍😍😍...i need a order of TOP bear rice bowl....
they should have one like this in korea! but permanently =) looks so cool
wishing i had enough money to go to Korea