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Hey Everyone I just wanted to take sometime and appreciate our Winner Pretty Boy Jinwoo.
If you didn't know Mondays are for Kim Jin Woo aka JinWoo aka Pretty Boy
I just want to shate a few facts and pics of our Pretty Boy in hopes you all can appreciate it him and Winner a little more,
First off this fluff ball is my bias of Winner. He has a heart of gold. Born Sept 26, 1991.
He is very thoughtful and caring towards every member of Winner and everyone he encounters. For some proof take a look at this article --->
He takes the longest to memorize song lyrics.
He is very bad at directions...but we still love him anyways.
He can speak Japanese.
He loves to swim.
He is an actor. He was the male lead in "The Magical Cell Phone."
His Ideal type and I quote "A girl who has pale, fair skin, and large eyes. Who looks 80% like a puppy and 20% like a cat; a healthy weight (not too skinny and not too curvy) and someone who looks pretty when flipping her hair and who is about 164 cm (5 ft 3 in) tall.
he is called the fake Maknae but he is the eldest.
Chinese zodiac Zebra and Astrological sign Libra
Blood type A
stays up longer than all the other members to practice and memorize
He's his hardest critic
HE looks BETTER as A GIRL than most of us. LOL
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partners in winner crime: @luna1171 and @AaliyahNewbell
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