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Que tal peeps!

This is your favorite chica Jessamine aka @amobigbang bringing part 4 of this series. This part is very steamy and you get a glimpse of the plot. Thanks for all your support mis amgios. Well the rule is the same. If this part get at least 10 likes I will continue with the series.

Mature Content



Chapter 8

Suddenly, Jimin pulled out this black little box. Your stomach dropped as a smile grew on his face. You step a few steps back. "Baby I love you and I know our relationship has been interrupted by our professional lives but even away I'm still with you. I need you and I don't see anyone else than you by my side. Will you accept this promise ring? I promise to always love and protect you." Jimin looked really nervous. You thought you were going to faint. This was a huge commitment. He sits and wait for you to answer as the moonlight shines upon this beautiful ring shaped like a queen crown. "Park Jimin....papi yes yes. I love you too!" You sat while tears collect in your eyes. Jimin grins and places the ring on your finger. He kisses you deeply and the tears fall. Not in a million years did you think anyone let alone someone like Jimin would like you. Finally, your dark past was becoming a ghost. "Why are you crying?" Jimin asks. "Do my breath stink?" You laugh. "No baby you smell fresh. I'm just happy." You say while sitting on his lap. "I have a matching one. Even if you are not with me physically you are still in my heart." He pulls out a matching ring. "Look at us King and Queen Park. All the bitches betta bow down or off with their heads!" You say. "Ah yes off with their heads! But...speaking of head..." Jimin says while grinning. "Baby you are silly. You are hard over a romantic move?" You look at his bulge. "Papi I got you." You say while getting on your knees.

Chapter 9

You and Hobi were in the practice room at Big Hit Entertainment. You just finished with your internship duties for the day and you stopped by to share some news with him. Jay Park just dropped a new track called "I don't disappoint" you loved it and was thinking spreading the word. You play the song and Hobi was grooving to the jam with you. When the song ended he was already dancing. "Ah I love this song!" You scream. "Me too this is some boss ish!" Hobi says. "I made a girl version to it. I was thinking about performing it for Jimin." You say while grinning. "What you got skills? I gotta see this." Hobi says. You play the instrumental track and say your words while dancing. You were thinking about Jimin's reaction and you were feeling the music. When the song was finished you looked at Hobi. Hobi was holding himself and his loose jogging pants told on him. He coughed to clear his throat. "Um...I like it. Jimin is lucky." Hobi said while smiling. You decide not to call out his harden memeber. "Sexy very sexy...yep..uh...excuse me as I go to the bathroom...brb." He quickly leaves. You bust out laughing when he leaves. Hobi is super funny. If that made him do that I know Jimin will be wetting his pants. Hobi returns with the crew. They all sit down on a bench in the practice room. "Hobi said you have something to show me?" Jimin says. You planned for this to be a surprise for the anniversary date you were planning...but you felt extra cocky. "Probably something dumb. You know how girls can be." Yoongi blurted. "I'm going to sleep." He closed his eyes. That was the fuel for your fire. I'm about to show that think. "Yeah babe. Hobi could you press play." You say. "Sure." Hobi says while reaching for the tablet. The beat drops and you begin dancing and pointing all your attention to Jimin. You were singing and winding your body. All the boys began blushing. Jungkook face was beat red and Tae couldn't close his mouth. Jin was cheering you on. Namjoon and Yoongi was speechless. You were singing (* Note: Most is from Jay Park lyrics) I know you been working all working all day boy... Let me take the stress Take the stress away boy... So much bullshit you need to get away from A sex trip is what you need and my ratification There been so much I got just what you want boi.. So come and it get yah.... I won't go anywhere I'm right here So do keep me waiting baby Baby Baby Baby I've been thinking of you I can't wait for you to fuck me right...... ................ I DON'T DISAPOINT" I know you dis pussy I DON'T DISAPOINT SO C'mon don't be lazy.....

Chapter 9

You were giving him a lap dance. Grinding all on Jimin. You could feel his pants getting tighter and you could hear him moaning so low that only you could hear him. "Ah yall get out." Jimin says The guys eyes were glued on you and Jimin. They were in la la land before the understood what was being said. "Oh ok..." Namjoon says while pulling Jungkook out his seat and kicking Tae. Hobi yanked Yoongi who was in another world and Jin giggled while skipping out the room. When they left the door shut and locked behind them. Jimin grabbed you and placed you over his knee and began spanking you. "You bad kitten. How dare you." He said while rubbing where he spanked you. " Papi it was a surprise but Hobi put me on the spot." You moaned. Jimin spanked you again. "Look at what you did!" You look at the wet spot on his grey jogging pants. You grin. He was turning you on. "You sure that not sweat from dance practice?" You say in an innocent tone. "I see my kitten wants to be naughty and play dumb. I have something for my precious Kitten." Jimin face went sexy dark and he quickly pushed you up on the wall. He yanks down your fitted black dress lace shorts along with your panties and yanked your right breast out of your bra. The cold wall touched your nipple causing it to instantly harden. "Jimin!" You groan. Jimin swats your bare behind. "Hush and call me by my correct name." "Papi...I'm sorry" You say in a sweet girly voice. But you knew you weren't sorry. Then he placed his penis in between your thighs brushing against your womnahood. You squeal. He began moving back in forth making sure not to penetrate you. You were already super wet and he was causing you to become even more wet. You groan as you feel his hot breath on your neck and he hits the back of your hood with his tip. You moan his name as he pull and rub at your nipple. You thought you was about to faint as your legs were loosing feelings. He was panting heavy and talking dirty in English and Korean to you while squeezing your butt with his other hand. You began moving your hips to his rhythm it felt so good you were acting on natural instincts. "Ah shit baby...I'm about to..." Jimin moans. "Yes me too...don't stop." You groan. Suddenly you both climax together. Jimin leaving his mark on the wall and you leaving trails down your thigh. He collapses onto you and you grip the wall both panting like tired wovles. He flips you around and kisses you. "Never do that again." "No promises papi." You say with doll eyes.

Chapter 10

"Ah...where did you learn those moves from? You looked like a pro girl." Jin says while handing you a rice cake. "You know I watch youtube. But I always knew how to dance." You say with confidence. "Hell Yoongi and Namjoon was wacking off all night and morning after that show." Jin laughs. "Shut up. I was so turned off by that performance." Yoongi says while stuffing his face. "Oh so that huge wet stain on those pants came from imaginary coke?" Jin blurts out. "I heard you in your bedroom bro." "Well...I was snoring that night." Yoongi says. "Imma be real Yoongi was hammering himself all night I was too. Shit Jimin is lucky as fuck. I need that in my life." Namjoon blurts. "Yeah I was hammering myself too" Tae blurted. Everyone laughs. Jungkook was still blushing and so was Hobi. "I was like oh my heart my heart!" Hobi laughed. "Okay guys Jimin doesn't like it when we talk like this. Let's change the subject. Where is he anyway?" You say. "In the bathroom. He will be out soon. He had spicy food for lunch. You know that gives him the shits!" Jin blurts. Everyone laughs again. You were so happy you still had it. At least you could dance for your man and not random men like in your past. You wondered how would you tell Jimin but for now it was your dark secret. "Oh I have to take a phone call. Excuse me..." Jin says while leaving. The rest of the guys leave except Yoongi. They said they had stuff to do. You sit in silence and you roll your eyes as you pour someone tea in your cup. "I always knew you were not innocent." Yoongi mumbles. "Excuse me?" You say. "You are not innocent like I said. You letting Jimin eat you out in front of me and this are not pure as snow." Yoongi says while staring at you. "You don't have room to judge Mr. I have bitches hopping on my dick 24/7 during tours. Mind your fucking business, plus you liked the show you sick bastard." You say while smirking. "Yeah, you get me hard. And you will more often while getting me off because I know about your kind." Yoongi laughs. "What the fuck are you talking about?" You lift your hand to smack Yoongi. He grabs your hand and says.............

Lol jajajaja.......until next time

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I like your stories but when they get intense (not like sexually but with like relationships between characters) I stress for no reason and I have to take a break for a second to remind myself that it's just a story and that none of this is real 😂😂😂
@HayleyYates Oh ok. You can always message me if you want to be off the taglist. I don't want you stressing dear! There will be many intense parts to this fiction.
@amobigbang No, I really enjoy your stories and I hadn't meant for it to sound like a bad thing, I thought it was funny on how deep I got into the story.
@HayleyYates lol. you are good.