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This pic made me giggle, too cute, XD
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That is just adorable ^.^ Made me smile :)
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@oj1992 ..lolz....funny story, one time my parents had gotta crispy grilled pork from one of the Vietnamese shops, so here i am gnawing on a piece of bone/meat idk which part??...until i flip it over and saw teeth, i was appalled and lost my appetite after parents had ordered the head b/c that was all thats now when i eat grilled pork i always ask mom which part of the body is this?? hahahaha!!!!
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@cheerfulcallie every part of the pig can be eaten. Pig's ears are tasty and chewy. Pig trotters in black vingear is good as confinement meals. : )
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Omg, omg. This is truly too cute! I love pigs and this is one of the cutest I've seen.
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from cuteness to hangry :p
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