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Night of the rappers

I DO NOT OWN TOPPDOGG, kpop, entertainments or smtm, all I own are my oc's and plot
CHAPTER 1:The Meet
How did I end up like this, why am I here, what's going on, I just wanna go home….please.How on earth is this happening to me, I haven’t done anything wrong.
The name’s Pyeong-on nice to meet you. Curious of what’s going on? Sit back relax and have some popcorn, cause you're gonna be here a while. It started on a late summer morning here in Seoul, South Korea and I was out with my friends, you know chilling and having our well-deserved vacation from school as any other person would. I however, was different, even though I don’t act like my friends, I agreed to go out in the town with them. The morning was actually great, so I wasn’t completely annoyed. We were walking back from the ice cream store when I accidently bumped into this guy, cause I don’t look up from my phone while walking.
“Hey, watch where you’re going miss, you could hurt yourself..” As the guy was talking I looked up to see who he was, and as I looked,I was quite shocked. He had amazing brown eyes, luscious light brown,long hair. He wore a white sleeveless shirt, holey jeans, a black blazer, some Jordan-like sneakers and a fedora like hat. He was an angel at sight with sick style..and of course, I'm not good around boys or most people, so I could barely say anything.
“Miss, are you ok?”
“I-Im fine” I had to would be rude if I didn’t..right?
“Oh that’s a relief, I thought I broke you” As he said this, he gave a very innocent and heart-melting smile, that smile, where have I seen it before?
“You….you” before I could at least make two words appear out of my mouth, one of my friends took over.
“Sorry,,she’s sorta shy around people….we should introduce ourselves, Kim Taela is the one in the pink, Wu Chan is the girl with the red hair, the other girl who is looking at dance vids is Lee Yubin, the shy girl you just bumped into is Lee Pyeong-on, and I’m Jung Sua.” as she introduced us, we all bowed in respect for the man.
“Bamgapsumnida, my name is Kim Sang Gyun” as he bowed his name started ringing in my head like I know him from somewhere, he does look familiar..maybe I’ve seen him at a k-con. Crap, maybe I should just stop trying to think before my brain explodes.
“ So what brings you lovely ladies out on this day”
“ Well our shy baby over here hasn’t naturally stepped out of her college grounds, so she’s never really been around Seoul before,so even though she didn’t want to, we’re taking her sightseeing.”did Sua really have to tell this guy what we’re doing today, talk-bug.
“You never been around Seoul miss?”
“She’s a transfer student from North America, she’s studying abroad in Digital Design and 3d Creation.”
“Wow that’s amazing, that must take a lot of time and effort, and being from America sounds pretty cool” I didn’t notice my cheeks getting a little red until my cheeks got really warm “K-Kamsahamnida” why the heck am I acting like this, I know I'm shy,but come on I could at least say a couple words to seem like I'm not nervous….sigh..this what I mean when I said I'm not like any other girl, and another reason that I’ll explain later.
“Well if you girls need a proper guide to lead you around, call me, I know a lot of special places around here” wait, hold up….did he just wink at me!
“Well do Mr. Sang Gyun, hey Pyeong-on can you get his number” I know I went back to look at my phone, and my hearing becomes a little dull when I'm on it, but did she just say to get this guys number!! In America, getting a number from a stranger you just met, is a little cautious and a tad bit shady. But we’re in Korea, it’s ok I guess,plus he does seem familiar. “Me?” “Yes you Pyeong-on, your the main one always on your phone, so why not.” “Ok unni” the guy took out his phone and we both exchanged numbers, I felt so thrilled for some weird reason but didn’t show it. “Ok Ladies, it was nice meeting you, but I must go” he bowed and went off in the direction we just came from.
Hope you guys liked it!!
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