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If you listen closely, some kind of music can bring you to the other side of life. It can be used as meditation to gain mindfulness. Musically, four personnels of the most progressive band on the planet were able to fill each other weakness with each other talent. It makes their quality comparable to their popularity. Their musical journey with drama and urban legend which accompany it, has become fans consumption. Although doing some cover songs in early albums, the Beatles were playing as a true ensemble. Recording the albums during a one-off live concert or a full concert tour. Then, they writing all of the songs by themselves. Temporarily stop playing live to focus on their works by spending time in the studio, experimenting with music. Using studio artifice or multiple overdubbing. Songwriting partnership between John Lennon and Paul McCartney which credited to Lennon–McCartney, almost dominate the tracks. While George Harrison's progressive guitar tone and Ringo Starr's steady drum beat perfected the songs.  Their existence and works have cultural impact. Some works in film, music, and literature got inspired from the Beatles works. Some of those works almost match the popularity of the Beatles. But, none of those works could compare the quality and spirituality in the original material.
thanx for giving the beatles some xtra credit, i'm a great fan, a went to a mccartney show last month!!! they really changed the world!!! and mccartney still does, as in 'four five seconds' by kanye west ft Rihanna.. his touch his still golden thank you again for highlighting them😘
Thanks @cees . Their talents and contributions in music made the world a better place