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Hello everyone, I've been wanting to do this project for a long time. Now that summer is finally ending I am feeling more creative and productive than ever. I actually found this challenge through a blog and it's suppose to be a 30 day drama challenge, but I filtered out some questions and made it a 18 day challenge. Feel free to join me and participate! You can start anytime! :D BTW, you can do use any drama (Taiwanese, Korean, Chinese or Japanese)! 1: First Drama you watched? 2: Your all time favorite Asian Drama? 3: Your least favorite Asian Drama? 4: Your favorite Drama opening? 5: Your favorite Drama ending? 6: The last Asian Drama you've seen? 7: What Drama are you currently watching? 8: Your favorite actor? 9: Your favorite actress? 10: Your favorite Drama character? 11: Your favorite Drama genre? 12: Your favorite Drama OST (Instrumental)? 13: A drama you looked forward to but disappointed you in the end? 14: Drama with the best ending in your opinion? 15: Drama with the worst ending in your opinion? 16: A Drama that made you cry? 17: A Drama that made you cry from laughter? 18: A Drama you never get tired of?

Have fun! :)

I look forward to starting this
@RJ1996 You can make a card each day or you can answer two questions in a day. It's up to you! There's really no right or wrong way to do this. 😀
how should I participate? like should I make a card each day to answer the question or should I just comment here? thank you ❤❤❤
@biancadanica98 Sorry for the confusion!
OK just making sure, I was confused. Thanks for clearing that up!
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