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Intertwined *VIXX FANFIC*


Hey guys! Sorry for posting so late but I had been busy for the past few days and didn't have the time. But here you go! *note* please keep in mind that the story is my first one and i want to try and add developement between my characters so please be patient! this is chapter one of the story and the preview was part of chapter three, just a heads up for y'all

Chapter One

My eyes fluttered open and the sunlight beam on my face as usual. I squinted due to the intense light that shine on my face as I had just woken up, my mouth opened to let out a long yawn. Although it was another day to be faced, I remained in bed with the covers still over me. I still felt tired even though I just woke from a night's sleep. Do I want to get up and do whatever I got to do or do I want to go back to sleep? I pulled the blanket closer to my chin and I shifted to a position where the light was no longer on my eyes. Then I closed my eyes and tried to fall back asleep. "Mani!" My mom yells from downstairs. I didn't respond. "Get up please! You need to take your brother and sister to school!" I groaned. "Get up now!!!" "ALRIGHT I'M UP!!!" I shouted back. I forced myself off of the bed and I dragged my feet as I reach for my socks and shoes. I slipped the socks on effortlessly and put my shoes on and ran out the door without changing my clothes. On the ground floor, my mother stood in the kitchen making breakfast for the younger ones as usual and my younger brother and sister, Kai and Alieah sat on the couch in the living room watching the news on tv. In terms of our looks, we could be easily distinguished as a unique. Kai and Alieah had pure white hair with their dark skin and a crystal blue eyes that not many people possess. Their physical appearance made them obviously abnormal and let everyone know that they weren't normal humans, yet, I didn't have the same physical features as they did. My hair and eyes were a dark and light brown. I had mostly the same traits as my father instead of my mother. My mom possessed the straight, pure white hair that fell softly down her back, her piercing crystal blue eyes gave a feeling of mystery and comfort when she looked at you, and she has the fair skin tone. She was a small woman, didn't pass higher than 5'2", a large height difference compared to my father who is 6'3". When you'd see them walking with one another in public, you'd mistaken my mom as a living doll being towered by a tall, dark hispanic man who always looked bored no matter what he did. "Hey mom." I said. She didn't face me, still cooking what looked like scrambled eggs on the pan but she said her hellos. "I thought Kai and Alieah were no longer going to school." "No. They're still going." After the sudden shift of uniques being looked down at, and fear and paranoia arose, it has been troublesome for Kai and Alieah at school. Parents complained that their presence would be dangerous for their kids and they would want people like them kicked out and far away from everybody. Once, many parents went as far as keeping their children home for long periods of time to prevent any harm to their children and refused to allow their kids to go back until Kai and Alieah were taken out; the school majority were mainly normals and since they all kept their kids home and hardly any student went to school, they eventually had to send Alieah and Kai home early and recommended that they be transfered to another school. This made my mom furious. After many disputes, she must've managed to convince the school board to keep them. "Before you guys leave come and eat breakfast. You need energy to go along with your day. " She said. Alieah and Kai ran to the table and stuffed their faces with their food like rabid dogs. I raised my brow in disgust. Goodness, they act like they haven't eaten in ages. I thought. Before I even ate a quarter of my food, they stood up from their seats and called for me to take them out the door. Goodness gracious those two are something else. I gave my mom a "what the heck" expression. She looked at me with a smile and shrugged her shoulders. It never fails that I hardly get things done because of the young ones. I always have to watch over them and make sure they don't wreak havoc on whoever is nearby and that they don't get attacked themselves either. Sigh. "Let's go let's go let's go!" Alieah shouted. I huffed and dragged myself from my chair to the door. "Mani, you forgot your hug." "Oh, sorry mom." I took in her hug which she gave everyday. Considering the stuff we deal with now a days, she acts like any possible moment could be the last. She flashed me a warm smile and allowed led me to the door. I closed the door behind me and waved at our neighbor Mark. He always sat in his worn-down chair that looks as it can break any minute. Mark's an old guy, maybe in his mid sixties. He sits with his back arched; he wears ragged clothing that look badly torn and have colors in shades that look nowhere near meant to match in harmony, and he's always expressionless, but he has a small twinkle in his eyes that no one notices. On the outside he looks worn down and depressed, but I see him differently. His aura glows many colors that explode around him and bits of lights sparkle from life. His colors showed me that he was still a happy man even though it doesn't physically show. It's amazing really. Clouds that brewed from thin air formed in front of Mark. Letters formed and joined together to build into words that connected into sentences. It read: Morning Mani! Walk safely okay? Don't need you running into the BHU! I hear they're on a mad hunting spree but I'm not sure what for. "I promise I won't get caught Mark. No need to have your concerns, they don't have what it takes to catch me! I'm as sly as fox and silent as an owl!" I joked. He laughed. "Yeah right! You're so clumsy that even a fly can trip you, not to mention that a person can hear you stomping around on the other side of this planet!" The clouds changed color. I giggled. "Okay okay you got me, I'll see ya later Mark, gotta take the little ones to school before it gets late!" Mark's clouds dissipated and he waved a goodbye. I said my farehwells and guided the kids through the alleys. "Mani, why were you talking to that poor old man? He didn't even talk back to you." Kai asked. I forgot to mention that gifts came like puberty. Every special person has some kind of power or gift that can be unique to them or their family but it only came when we turned around 12 or 14; for some, it comes later. Mine was shared through the family but I had something a little different. We can communicate through visual reading like the clouds that had shown from Mark which can come in handy when my family are nowhere near me but it has its limits. Something I had that made me special was translation. One time, I was walking in the market and two aged women were conversating in a language I wasn't familiar with, I didn't intend to eaves drop but somehow I was able to read what they were saying and fully understand them. It's an interesting trait really, with nations being in turmoil and conflict it's rare to be able to experience new languages. Besides that, Alieah and Kai haven't developed theirs yet so they don't know much of it. "It's a special thing. Trust me, you'll learn more about it when you're older Kai." "Okay." After ten minutes of walking we finally arrived at the school entrance. No interruptions today. Thank goodness. "Alright, now be good today in school and NO funny business okay - Kai!" He walked off before I finished. "KAI ESPECIALLY YOU. DON'T YOU DARE GET IN TROUBLE OKAY?! We don't need you and Alieah being sent home, Mom worked hard to keep you guys in school!" "Okay Mani, I promise." Kai puffed. "Don't worry Mimi, I'll watch Kai for you." Alieah said, her voice small and squeaky. I hugged them like I regularly did and said my goodbyes. I watched as they took each others hands and waddled into the campus. A smile grew on my lips, although they get on my nerves at times, they're adorable little monsters...
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