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On Twitter, there's a small fight between two fandoms, and it's pretty nasty. There's a hasthtag for it: #Yixingisfree Apparently, a ARMY started a rumour saying something like "Yixing/Lay is going to leave EXO." I stan both BTS and EXO so I'm just going to lowkey watch the argument.
some people on twitter are just bitter and hella salty all the time. fandoms could always live in harmony but there's always someone who wants to see chaos happen so they cause it themselves. it's immature so the best thing to do is to not give them more fuel by replying. the reacting people do, the happier they feel. they're probably just people who have nothing to do in their lives.
@AlittleJoy tbh i think it was just snakes or something. i feel kinda embarrassed to be an ARMY
@haitai I would call them snakes but that is an insult to the reptiles
I still support them but just as myself not as the fandom
that's a rumor that has been floating around for almost a year if not longer. truthfully it don't matter if he stays or goes as long as he can be who he feels he needs to be. until he officially announces it himself then I'll believe it
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