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so wow! Sarah is starting to have drama on her end. I don't know what to say lol. but I will say I looking forward to how this chapter came out and omg haunted house! eek I excited I hope you all are too!
Jenni walked towards the door and since Kooki was there he saw her and gave a little wave so she had to stop in front of him and plaster on a smile. “Hey kooki, what are you doing here?” she asked. “I came to see Sarah” he grinned. “It seemed like she wasn’t herself and than you just played music for an hour, it didn’t seem right” he added. “You got that right” She sighed. “She’s not having the best day” Jenni added letting him know that yes there was something wrong. A look of concern crossed his face. “Whats wrong with her? Where is she?” he asked starting to look around. “Oh she’s talking to the boss about something” she said. “She’s gonna be a while.” “I can wait-” “It’s probably best if you go, besides she doesn’t need to see you hanging around here today” Jenni said as she started to twiddle her thumbs behind her back. Her phone made a noise, like a little hiccup than several more in a row. “What do you mean? Does she not want to see me?” he looked honestly confused.Jenni stopped looking dazed and looked him right in the eye. “No, she doesn’t” She stated blandly. He stared at her dumb founded. She stopped paying attention to him and pulled out her phone. “Oh Joonie texted me” She said brightly not paying attention to Kooki anymore. Turning her back she started to read the messages. Joonie: Kooki went by himself to see Sarah, sry I couldn’t come to see you Joonie: When are you doing the ghost tour? Joonie: Do you want me to come with you? “Awe so cute” Jenni gushed and then looked up seeing Kooki still there. “What are you doing? Why aren’t you leaving?” she questioned. “I’d rather wait for sarah to tell me she doesn’t want to talk to me” He said in a bitter voice. Okay, he was mad now. So was Jenni. “Look buddy, I’m all for talking shit out but this, this isn’t something that is going to be solved because you see her face to face. Why don’t you try to figure out why she could be so mad that she doesn’t want to see you” Jenni said. In her mind she flinched. Oh gosh was she just making things worse or was it better he knew he did something to make her mad. “Whatever, its your business what you do” Jenni said as she started to head back inside of the studio. “Hey wait!” he pulled at her arm but she managed to stay out of his reach. “What did I do wrong?” he questioned. “I’m not going to tell you” she said before walking away. “Wait you have to tell me what I did” He said still calling out to her. She stopped and turned to him. “If I give you a twix will you leave me alone?” she asked him. “No” he said unsure of himself. “Well that works cause I don’t have one” She said to him. “Than why offer it?” he was confused. “Because!” she said. “Okay now I’m going, Tell Joonie hi for me” She added before finally leaving him a confused little kitty. Halfway up the stairs she saw sarah coming and made a grab for her making sure that she followed out the back exit. “Kooki didn’t leave?” Sarah questioned. “No and I think I might have pissed him off” Jenni said. “How? Jenni you weren’t supposed to make him mad! Just get him to leave” Sarah stopped walking and looked at her friend. “Well I’m sorry I was a little upset with him too. I mean how can he do that to you! I told him you were mad and he should figure out why on his own” Jenni said. “Oh god Jenni you shouldn’t have.” Sarah said. “To bad, Okay let’s go see if there is any ghost tours that are happening tonight! You me and a haunted house!” Jenni raised her hand in the air excited about it. Sarah just laughed. “You seriously can’t stay focused on one topic. For more than a moment” she said. “No, wait, yea no I can’t. Things make me loose interest. Talking to kooki I lost interest, trying to have an argument with you I lost interest, Joonie messaging oh Kooki distracted me Joonie messaged me” Jenni said stopping in her tracks to dig out her phone. “Jenni we talked about this, you aren’t allowed to walk with a device in your hands” Sarah scolded, well fake scolded her. “But I’m not walking, I’m standing” Jenni said than her eyes went back to her phone “Just let me message him that I’m going to the ghost thingy with you and not him” She said. “Jen you can bring him along if you want. I’m not going to stop you” sarah said. “But than you would be by yourself” Jenni pointed out. “No no don’t you dare get me confused this is a battle between me and you. Who can last the longest!” “I’ll win” Sarah said. “No-” “I lasted pretty well in the last haunted tour we did back in illinois” Sarah stated “But you kept freaking me out with saying something is there, I don’t feel right” She pointed out. “We went to a freaking demons house” Jenni stated. “Plus come on it was funny seeing everyone freak out thinking there was something there” Jenni laughed. “You freaked yourself out too” she pointed out. “I was in character” Jenni said and they both burst out laugh. “only you would say that” Sarah chuckled. “Alright lets go home I’m tired. I got no sleep last night” Sarah said. “Okay, I have to catch up on my drama’s anyway” Jenni said.
Jenni watched about half of one episode when she heard noise from Sarah’s room. She was awake. Pausing the show she got up and went to the door. “Sarah Sarah are you awake?” Jenni asked. “No” she yelled out. “Yes you are! Come watch drama’s with me” Jenni said. “Hmm No” Sarah said once more. “Come on, it’ll cheer you up! Let’s watch-” “I just want to cuddle with tae pillow and cry” she said making whimpery noises. “Sarah Get your boney butt up. You can’t lay around in misery all day. Let’s watch other people in misery instead” Jenni said. “Hmmm yea sure I’ll just join them in their misery” Sarah said. “The problem is the girl always gets the guy they want” Jenni finally opened her door to see her in a ball hugging a smiley face pillow going between trying to laugh and trying to cry. “There are many drama’s that end with the girl not getting the guy. I can’t think of them right now, it'll come to me at some point though.” She laughed. “Fine well watch horror” Jenni said. “Okay, wait no anything that we watch somehow end with romance, even horror. It’s not horror its romantic horror” Sarah pouted. “And they still end up together even if its a ghost” Sarah pointed out. “Fine than we’ll watch a scare movie, one that has no lovers in it!” Jenni said. “Ugh fine” Sarah grudgingly followed. “You know I feel like we just had a segmint on air.” Sarah said. “Because of the random discombobled conversation we just had?” jenni questioned. “Yea, but it was organized, in my brain. Why isn’t this on air?” she asked. “The reason where not having this on air is so I can get you out of your pity party and get you to do something fun.” Jenni reminded both of them. “Oh okay” she nodded. So for the next couple hours they watch horror films up until they had to leave for the show. “Hey did you ever message Namjoon back?” Sarah questioned as they left the apartment. “Oh I totally forgot” Jenni hit her forehead with the palm of her hand than pulled out her phone. There was a total of 2 missed calls, 4 text messages. One call came from him, the other from an unknown number and three messages came from Namjoon and the fourth from the unknown number. “Looks like there was some activity. What about your phone?” Jenni asked. “Four missed calls and ten texts. “ Sarah said showing her phone screen. They quickly went through messages as they walked. Joonie: Hey Kooki came back early said you yelled at him about Sarah being mad at him. Joonie: Why is Sarah mad at Kooki? Are you mad at me now? Joonie: My Klutzy Panda don’t me mad! Call me when you have a minute! The last message was from the unknown number Unknown: Tell sarah I miss her Jenni got the chills off that message. Oh that did not seem right, who could that be. Ignoring it as best she could she sent a message to Namjoon instead. Jenni: Sorry I’m not mad at you, I was having girl time watching horror films with Sarah all morning. We are headed to our afternoon show right now. Staying late to do pre-recordings than heading out to do a Haunted house. We found that instead of the ghost tour for tonight. She knew it was long but wanted to get it all out in one fell swoop. When she was done a moment later she got another message. Joonie: Why is Sarah mad? Jenni: I can’t tell you. You’ll tell Kooki and he won’t figure anything out on his own. Please just let those two figure things out themselves. Joonie: I won’t tell him, just let me know so that I can help him if he gets in over his head. Jenni: That defeats the purpose. Anyway I gotta go, “What did namjoon say?” Sarah asked when they entered the studio. “Hey did boss man ever tell you if we can go kcon?” Jenni asked. “I can’t believe I forgot to tell you! Yes he said he would work his magic for us. He would give us a set of tickets and behind the scenes for interviews of several people. He also said that we would do a couple less shows and let the weekenders do them so that it doesn’t look weird we are in two places at once” Sarah explained. “Yey So exciting!” jenni said starting to jump up and down. “Happy news!” “You are live with Ruby and Diamond here! We are excited to tell you that tonight is the night we are taking on the challenge we talked about earlier! Although instead of a haunted tour and instead of locking me up all night in a haunted place, we decided to go to a haunted house! Hopefully it doesn’t end up with one of us screaming our heads of and running out of there” Jenni started the afternoon off. “Ruby I highly doubt we would do that, but you know what. Do me one favor” Sarah paused. “Whats that Diamond?” Jenni asked. “If your going to mess with peoples heads again please let me know ahead of time so that I can join in on that side” Sarah said making Jenni chuckle. “Oh but what fun would that be? You wouldn’t get the full horror experience” Jenni stated. “I think we’ve started our day going with this Ruby. We talked about ghosts already and watched horror movies all morning, now we are talking about pranks to do on other people and later we are going to a haunted mansion. I think we got the full horror experience on this whole day” Sarah said making Jenni laugh. “Okay yea we’ve been on it all day now” Jenni agreed. “Still not tired of it either” she added. “Well I want to start the afternoon by going over songs” Sarah said. “What song are you addicted to Diamond?” Jenni questioned. “Well I’m in between two this week Heaven by Exo and Toy by block B” Sarah said “How about you Ruby?” Sarah turned the question to her. “Hmm, I think I’ve got a little bit of Shake the world by G-Dragon. I swear the beat just sucks you in” Jenni said. “That’s a good song” Sarah nodded. “Why don’t we play the three back to back and than we’ll come back with a little more information about the haunted mansion and maybe just maybe we’ll Oh hey I forgot I had wanted to share a story that happened the other day, Oh Diamond can I?” Jenni changed her sentence half way through. “I have a topic as well.” Sarah said. “So after these songs we’ll be back!” sarah said and than brought the songs up. "We're back and going to give you a little sneak on where we are going tonight. The tour doesn't start until after dark. Apparently there is the haunted house that is just a few feet from a temple. Thankfully it's in a group though I have no clue how many people will be there" jenni said "It doesn't matter the smaller the group the better it is to freak you out" sarah said "Oh please like you can pull one over on me" jenni scoffed. "Am I gonna have to prove you wrong?" Sarah questioned "Only if you think you can" jenni provoked. "Oh it's on " sarah said evil steeping her fingers together. After that they took callers who gave ideas how to freak people out at the haunted house. After the show they stayed late for an extra couple hours doing pre-recorded conversations for when the were gone and for the small 2 hour segments in the morning by the time they were done with 2 pre-recorded shows worth of material they got to leave the studio. Kooki had messaged several times and Namjoon only a few to ask if he should come over after incase Jenni was scared. After laughing about it she had told him to keep a couple hours open just in case she did, in her mind she knew she would want to take him up on that offer. Sarah actually was really good at freaking her out when she put her mind to it. "So what story are you wanting to do?" Sarah asked when we came back on air. " The boy in the electronic store that you had me go into after you asked for his number and he didn’t give you it so you finally convinced me to do it."Jenni told you. "And the first thing you questioned when you went it was what are you doing? " sarah chuckled "He was on a ladder. At first I didn't know he was even there until he came down a few steps. Oh but his confused face was funny. And I did give him your number then made us quickly leave after " Jenni explained. Sarah laughed. "Your leaving the best part out tho" she said "Which is?" She questioned. "Haley the little teen girl that kept going he's mine I want him I saw him first" sarah said making her laugh "Oh yea and technically I was the first to see him out of the corner of my eye and tell you 2, which she then made a run for the store and a commotion. I was kind of embarrassed after my slight amusement at the situation. " jenni explained "Then you got bored and tried to leave me in there with her. You know you were the only one acting normal which is so weird. You aren't normal " she said "Yea well one of us had to have a brain not to mention it was like 11 in the morning after staying up til 5 in the morning. " jenni added "granted my brain wasn't functioning correctly" jenni shrugged. "Oh well at least you had the sense to give him my number for me" sarah chuckled "Im just pissed that girl yelled out that's not my number when I went to give it to him, but oh gosh his smile was nice You know if I could go back I probably would have Said ' excuse me I have to go kill her' and then left on that note. I regret not saying anything just see you" jenni said " We did get to drag her out though" sarah chuckled again. "Why don't we see what other people would do in that situation when you have a teen trying to mess you up hitting in a guy" sarah went to calls and we took about 6 callers. After sarah told her story about getting caught on the train and couldn't seem to get off until the end of the line. It reminded Jenni of highway driving back when they lived in the states. You got on the expressway or anywhere with construction it turned into the highway of doom, no where to get off and no where to go but straight. They wrapped the show up with telling them they would let them know how it went come Monday in the afternoon show.
"We should head over to the me tying site" sarah told her when they left the studio. It was almost 9 o'clock now. "Time really flew by fast in there" jenni pointed out. "Yup, um can we take a taxi? I don't really want to get lost" sarah said "Smart idea" jenni nodded so they took a taxi to the haunted house. There was a small group clustered together in front of the temple they got dropped off at. Jenni made out 2 girls and 2 guys, must be 2 couples. They stood with a man who held up a sign. They went over and saw the sign read the tour group they were on. "Hi, we're in this group" sarah said pulling out papers for it "Good good hello i am Min Woo your leader tonight. we are waiting on 5 other people still " the guy said introducing himself as saying more people were coming. “I wonder who else is coming” Sarah said looking around. “I hope it’s not anymore couples, that wouldn’t be any fun” Jenni sighed as she leaned against sarah so she could fix her heel. “You know if I move you’ll fall to the ground” Sarah commented. “Than don’t move” Jenni stated. “I don’t want to fall” She added. Sarah grinned and started to move, Jenni grabbed at her arm letting her foot go so she wouldn’t fall. “You did that on purpose!” she said as sarah laughed moving back in place so she wouldn’t fall. “I can’t believe you fell for it” Sarah said trying hard not to laugh any more. A group of five young girls joined their group at that moment and told Min Woo they were apart of the group. “Oh gosh this is going to be fun” Jenni said. “Are we working together or against each other?” Sarah asked. “Hmm, we’ll see” Jenni said straightening up so she wasn’t leaning on her friend anymore. The tour guide started to move and everyone followed behind. They all walked up several stairs and than into a wooded area only to come out at a little house that was situated in between trees. Min Woo had been telling them a spooky story about how a woman killed her whole family in that house and than turned the blade on herself. It is said that she still haunts the place. Once we got there he turned to us all and questioned if we believed in ghosts. There was a mixture of yes and No’s that went around. Of course Jenni and Sarah said yes. “Well lets go in. You can take pictures and see if you spot any orbs or apparitions” Min Woo said before he led everyone inside. Jenni started walking to the house and than stopped and turned to face the opposite of Sarah. “Shh, you can’t talk to me, I can’t play with you” Jenni whispered to thin air. “Who are you talking to?” sarah questioned standing next to her. Sarah noticed a couple of the girls were looking at Jenni, little glances back at her over their shoulders. “The little girl” Jenni turned to sarah and said. A look of fake shock crossed her face. “Lets go inside. You know better than to talk to them” Sarah said bopping her on the head and than went inside first. Jenni just laughed and followed her inside. When she entered a couple of the teenage girls kept glancing at her and took a few pictures. “It’s touching my shoulder isn’t it?” jenni asked them. The girl who had just taken a picture stared at her and than went to look at the camera’s. “There’s an orb right on your shoulder” The girl said looking scared. “Omo, are you like a medium?” she questioned. The two guys looked over at her bemused. “Yea sure, that seems fitting” Jenni said going along with it. Sarah had to turn around so only jenni saw her face as she tried not to laugh. “Are you having fun?” jenni asked Sarah. “So far!” she answered. “My mind is not running around kooki” she said than looked down. Jenni sighed. “Come on, let’s see if there’s anything in that room” Jenni grabbed at her arm and they went into one of the side rooms that looked like it was a bedroom. Sarah looked around and stopped in her tracks. There was a couple in the room. “Jenni do you feel that?” Sarah questioned than shivered. “It just got really cold.” “Sarah your joking? It got really hot in this room” Jenni countered what Sarah said. The couple looked at them than around the room. “I just felt something really cold go through me” The girl said and than huddled into the guy. “It’s okay I’m here, nothing’s going to get you” he said than shot a glare at the two of them. “We’ll leave we’ll leave” Jenni said. “I don’t like this room anyway” she added turning around. “I’m not sure if that scared her or she used it to get closer to her boyfriend” Sarah whispered to Jenni. “I don’t know” Jenni shrugged. “Come on that room next” Jenni pointed. A door moved as they approached it and Jenni jumped back. “Holy crap” she said holding onto her chest. “You scared yet?” sarah whispered evily to Jenni. “No” Jenni turned and whined. There was a squeaky noise coming from somewhere and Sarah started to look around. “They say that you can still hear footsteps inside of the house” The tour guide, Jenni already forgot his name, said making her look back at him in the middle of the house. “Let’s take pictures?” Sarah said all of a sudden. “You just want me to get scared now” Jenni cried out which got people's attention. “Okay fine! Take a picture in that room. It was making noises earlier” Jenni said. They went into the room and thankfully that room they were alone. “You have to start talking to yourself more Jenni, I can’t do it but you can since you already started” Sarah whispered to Jenni as she took a few pictures in the room. “Only if you ask the tour guide if there is anything in the woods surrounding us” Jenni whispered back. “Deal. Why?” she asked. “It’ll be useful later” Jenni shrugged. “Um Sarah do you feel a presence behind you?” Jenni asked putting on a blank face. “No, why?” she asked. “Um” She held up her phone and showed sarah a picture of her with a little white spot that was over her shoulder. Sarah looked behind her. “Rawr” jenni screamed out making Sarah jump. “Jenni” Sarah yelled out. “Don’t do that to me” she hissed out even as Jenni burst out laughing as she exited the room. Sarah controlled herself from going after Jenni. “I don’t like this house. I feel like I’m going to get stabbed in the back” Jenni said with a shiver. “Did you hear that?” She asked the nearest person to her, which was the girl who called her a medium earlier. “No, what was it?” she asked. “I don’t know, it was like a hissing noise” Jenni told her. The girl looked around. “Do you think there is something here with us?” she asked. “Oh I know there is” Jenni said dazed out and walked by her. “I’m going outside I need a breather” She told the guy. “There’s nothing in the woods is there?” Sarah asked right behind Jenni. The guy looked confused. “I’ve never heard any stories about the woods before” he stated. “Okay, it’s just so hot in here” Jenni said. “I”m freezing, like a fan is constantly blowing on my chest” Sarah said then stopped at the door way. “Oh ghost” Sarah pointed out in the distance than raced back into the house and close to the tour guide. “Sarah it’s just that little girl, she won’t do anything she just wants to play” Jenni grinned at her friend. Sarah truly was starting to look freaked out, even as she knew Jenni was joking. Once Jenni went outside and the door closed behind her something in the woods ahead of her moved and a black shape came out. “Holy shit” Jenni screamed out and made it up the steps with her hand on the door handle before a voice spoke out. “I’m an actual person!” the guy said making her stop and turn. “Omg” she laughed as she turned and saw Namjoon . “Is everything okay out there?” The guy inside called out as the door handle jiggled. “Yea, no probs out here” Jenni called out. Than she bounded down the stairs. “What are you doing here?” she questioned. “I heard on the radio “ he said. “I’m not alone though” he said as she stopped in front of him. “Her grin was still in place but fell. “You didn’t bring Kooki did you? I will be so mad at you if you did” Jenni said sternly. “No, I have J hope with me” he said pointing behind him with his thumb. “Oh good that should cheer Sarah up” jenni grinned. “Oh you two have to hide, I want sarah to freak out when she comes outside” Jenni said as she heard the door behind her open. “You know we’ve been here for a half hour already” Sarah said coming out behind the guide guy. “Do we get more time than that to explore? Or was that it?” she asked him. “Because honestly I kind of am beginning to dig it in there. I mean I feel this murderous vibe going on, like i’m itching to pick up a knife and bury in something” Sarah was telling him. The guy looked freaked out and the teenage girls were following behind her. “Do you really feel the spirit of the mother?” the girl asked sarah. “Don’t you feel the evil in the house?” she turned to the girl and asked. At that moment there was a rustling in the trees which got everyone’s attention. “That’s it I’m done” one of the girls said and started to head off the way they came, her boyfriend followed behind her. It had been the couple Jenni and sarah had said they were feeling hot/cold to. “One” Sarah said. “Two” Jenni corrected her. “Three?” one of the girls said. “What are we counting?” another girl asked. “Ghosts outside” Sarah said turning to the girl. “That laughing is seriously starting to annoy me little girl” Jenni snapped and turned to thin air and spoke. All of a sudden there was child’s laughter in the air that everyone could hear. Jenni made a squealing noise. “I thought it was just me hearing it” Jenni said as sarah squealed and jumped up. “That concludes the tour, it seems there was a lot of activity going on tonight” the guy said. “No more?” some of the girls whined. “Do you think we can stick around a little bit longer?” jenni asked sounding hopefully. “The tour was for an hour after we are done you can do what you want” the guy told her. “Yey, wait we were only inside for a half hour” jenni pointed out. “But we had to walk up here and down again, that probably is where the rest of the time accounts for” Sarah pointed out. “The house is locked but you can still look around if you want” the guy shrugged. “For anyone else who wants to go down, you can follow me” the guy directed his attention to the couple and the girls. :”I’m done. This place gives me the heebee jeebees” one of the girls said so when she went down the rest of her group did too. When they were all gone Jenni looked around the woods. “So hey did he ever answer your question if there was anything in the woods?” Jenni asked. “Were you not paying attention?” Sarah asked. “No I was too busy playing with those teenagers and freaking them out” Jenni admitted. “I think we did a fine job of it” She added making sarah laugh. “Well we both survived neither of us freaked each other out” Sarah said. “Or freaked ourselves out. I was a bit nervous when I came outside on my own though” Jenni admitted just as there was a rustling of leaves. There was a shout and than a shadow popped out of the trees. Sarah screamed out and turned around to face the house. Jenni stared at J hope who came out. “There’s a ghost a little girl just laughed in my ear” he screamed out making Jenni laugh and Sarah turn around. “J” She yelled out to him laughing. Namjoon came out after him chuckling.
Muhahaha I bet no one saw that one coming omg I didn't and I wrote it! so what you all think how Jenni handled Kooki? was it to much she got mad then tried ignoring him but didn't really work you know she got distracted a few times I just found that to be funny but very Jenni like. I blame Sarah for the twix part she offered one over the phone and I couldn't take it anyway I am literally throwing this story back at @SarahVanDorn and saying what you gonna do? you wanted J hope there you go, he all yours! play with him!
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Scary cat Hobi will be fun to play with
My boo Hobi!! So silly!
Bit now I know if I read anything that is relatively scary don't read it in the middle of the night lol
Lol no joke but it's gone now thank god
@micahirene Oh no sorry... spiders suck lol
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