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Juvia & Lucy have different things going there so it's really not fair Juvia is being thought of like that... Juva & Gray were together and knowing Juvia loves Gray its clear that Juvia was in the state of mind.. Step into her shoes for a second... Juvia was with the love of her life (not officially together ofc but they were living together) and they would train, eat, and work together so it's not like Juvia wasn't doing nothing the whole time.. and then she realizes something odd is happening to him and then out of no where he leaves her with out even a simple goodbye... (at least Lucy was informed) Juvia was worried...heartbroken...sad... her sun was with her and suddenly a dark sky snatches the sun right up and without notice... Juvia's magic also is controlled by her emotions so obviously the rain came back and it was back to gloomy Juvia... when I read that in the manga my heart broke for her... Lucy on the other hand wasn't always so on piint either.. she was suffering and in pain the whole year as well... taking advantage of working for Sorcerere weekly and looking for everyone in the guild or at least find their whereabouts... so it's not like Lucy was all happy strong times either... the only difference between the two is one worked hard to forget her pain... the other lived and endured her pain...
Well Juvia's whole world (Gray) did leave so she would be sad. Lucy would be too but she just doesn't realized he's (Natsu) her whole world yet...ignore me.......😅
I'm more like Lucy, mentally strong 💪 I believe words can sometimes hurt more than a fist, therefore I focused more on being mentally stronger. A choice with no regrets.✌
@AimeBolanos well said. couldn't have put it better myself👍
@KaminariHana That's a good point
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