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This is the first time all the group get to release an album with all the members.

They added 2 new members to the group for this comeback. I haven't found the reason why the company decided to include new members but the fans in Taiwan are not happy with the addition. However, they've already came this far, so I hope the best for their future endeavors!
Here are my thoughts of their latest comeback.
1. Dance choreography is not complicated but it looks scattered. The choreographer could use more precision with the dance moves. Currently, not everyone is in sync but I think this will improve if they practice more as a group.
2. Minus the sometimes dizzy camera work, the music video is actually quite good. I really like how they try to introduce he member as they show up on screen.
3. It's a catchy EDM song with a nice beat. I like the bridge part before they sing "boyz on fire."
Overall, it's not bad for a 12 member group.
What are you thoughts?
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It wasn't my cup of tea, it was alright. The choreography was simple and the song was okay.
I know it wasn't perfect or anything, but I still loved it for what it was :D
@cindystran Sam i missed him.. he's my bias.. well really i love them all
@MattK95 For sure! I'm actually looking forward to the other songs on the album, which is usually better than the title track.
@cindystran same!!!