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@cindystran tagged me in this & it looks pretty cool.
The challenge is only over 18 days & you can start it any time! I'll be doing Korean Dramas since that's about all I watch, but you can use any drama!
Day 1: First Drama you watched?
Moon That Embraces The Sun. Amazing drama. I'm actually thinking of watching it over again because I watched it Fall 2013 & I don't remember many of the details, so it'll be great to be surprised all over again.
I watched it during my first semester of college & I was really struggling to keep myself together emotionally & mentally some days, but this drama (& others) is probably one of the things that helped me through those hard times.
It was a great get away along with KMusic, gospel music, drawing, my mom, & other happy, calming, pleasing things.
I'd definitely recommend it. I've noticed, among my friends, I'm one of the few people who like historical dramas, but I'd say at least give the first episode a chance. ☺️
& like, Kim Soohyun. So, yes.
Just 5 feet & 11 inches of pure greatness.
*Irrelevant s/n: I always look at his neck when he cries because it does this thing & I'm fascinated by it, I'm so sorry, I'm done. 😞
Kim Soohyun + historical drama = a dream come true ♡♡♡♡♡
@cindystran me too! And I feel bad because I started moon that embraces the sun and I was watching for Jung II Woo, but stopped because I couldn't handle the SLS (second lead syndrome) but when I realized who Kim Soo Hyun was I still have issues with the SLS but he was amazing in this I just I couldn't I fell hard
@merryjayne13 I first discovered him through Dream High! He has great acting skills!
I love Kim Soo Hyun so much it's not even funny he is gorgeous and I've loved everything he's done!!!
You're beautiful with Park Shin Hye and JGS
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