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Overview: Best Friends was all Clara and JinWoo where ever going to be he said. But Clara liked him more than that. Clara was unhappy with who she was physically and mentally. She decided to change. JinWoo hurt Clara more than anyone without meaning too. She cut him off just like he cut her off. She found solace in his bandmates arms until said, Bandmate cheated on her. Clara becomes stronger and healthier and JinWoo wins her back on her journey of self improvement. Best Friends that turned enemies that turn to Love. In a story about learning to love oneself and believing in one self to find the true meaning of what it means to have a Healthy relationship.
Characters: JinWoo, and the rest of Winner
Clara: (you the reader) Emm and Veronica (Clara's girl best friends and coworkers)
Clara PoV
I look at myself in the mirror and hate what I see. I guess the only thing is I can change what I don't like, my weight. It has been on my mind lately that I'm so overweight. The guy I like, who also happens to be my best friend will never even look at me as something more if I don't get healthier.
I sigh and come up with a game plan to not only to lose weight but to get healthier physically and mentally for myself. I just want to be happy in this one life I have to live. I'll try to include him in my plans as my personal cheerleader because I know the moment I tell him I want to get healthier he'll be my biggest supporter. I look at the mirror once more; I smile and say "Getting healthy and happy is the goal, So this smile can shine bright and true."
I walk out of my room to my living room. I get the DVD prepared for movie night when my phone dings with a notification.
<3 throb: hey sorry to cancel last minute but the guys decided to hold practice longer.
I sigh as I read it, but him being an idol I understand. It is very few and far between that we actually hang out anymore since he debuted a few years back. I mean I love Winner and I am glad Jin Woo is successful but I just miss goofing around with him. It also doesn't help that my schedule as a nurse at the hospital is just as hectic as his.
-what can we do, your job comes first. practice hard and stay healthy
<3 throb: you are the best :) promise to make it up to you
-No need. just send a text everyday to encourage me with my new healthy regimen.
<3throb: promise. Send progress photos so I believe you
-No just look at my IG for those
<3throb: :( no fun. but ttyl
I look at my screen and frown at it. I turn the tv off and get up and head into my kitchen. I prep meals for the week being serious about my new healthy lifestyle. Once finish I head out the door to the gym. My determination is strong.
JinWoo POV
I frown at my phone as I once again cancel plans with my best friend and use a lame lie. I really didn't have to practice tonight but I just didn't have the energy to deal with her tonight. Every time we make plans I now end up canceling last minute so I don't hurt her feelings by telling her the truth....the truth that I don't share the same feelings she has for me. I just only see her as a best friend and not romantically.
Everytime I see her, her eyes light up and it pains my heart because I don't want to give her false hope. I just miss the good old days before feelings came into this and made things complicated. I miss her. She has always been here for me and very supportive of me and always let me vent my frustrations and stress. But now because of her unnecessary feelings I can't just unwind and be me any more.
She says she's going to get healthier. I hope so for own self. I'll keep my promise and send her a text everyday to encourage this new lifestyle.
I flip on my tv and watch some lame show that I can't remember what it was about. Since I'm bored I open my IG and take a selca and post it I notice my IG feed and see Clara posted a post work out selfie. My eyes widen as I see who is in the background of her selfie Mino and Taehyun; my bandmates. Her caption reads "No Pain, No Gain. No lies only truths are found at the Gym."
I gulp she knows I lied. I open my messages expecting to find a text from her but there wasn't one. Five minutes pass and still no message. Another 30 passes and still no message. Maybe she didn't notice them I lie to myself.
Clara's POV
I posted a post workout selfie. It pained me to see that JinWoo lied about canceling our plans but I understand since he is an idol and I'm well right now I am nothing but that will change.
I clean up the area I was at in the gym and head to the shower. On my way I accidently bump into someone. I know if my face could become any redder than it is fro the workout it would from embarrassment. I step back and bow and say "Minhae." I look up to see and notice I bumped into Mino. I wish I could die on the spot.
"It's ok. Are you hurt anywhere?" he asked.
"No, I'm fine, thank you" I smiled at him and bowed yet again. I walk away and head once again to the shower. Once I was washed up I was getting ready to exit the building when my phone rings.
"Noona, I saw your IG post and wanted to say Fighting!! Also can you send money to my account for food while I study away here at college."
I smile and laugh at my brothers cute voice over the phone.
"Ya! Do you think this Noona slaves away at work to spend it all on you Baby Brother." I pause for a second as I hear him laugh.
"Because then you would be correct. I love you baby brother. Come home this weekend and visit me. I want to beat you at Call of Duty and Soul Caliber."
"Deal. Promise to make me my favorite dish."
"Promise. See you this weekend. Get back to studying" I end the call.
I open the door to go out but yet again I bump into someone. This time it was Taehyun.
"Omo, I'm sorry. So sorry. I didn't mean to hit you with the door. God please tell me your handsome face is unscathed. If I even gave you a bump I will ask god to smite me or to put a thousand curses on my head."
I hear laughter from to male voices but only one response. "I am unscathed. Why don't you take a look for yourself instead of the ground."
I look up and thank heavens his beautiful face and body are unharmed. It was Mino and Taehyun that laughed.
"You are pretty funny," they both say in unison.
"Thank you. Well again I am sorry to have bumped into both of you tonight. I should warn you I am very clumsy, so if you see me here in the future just run the other way to avoid these mishaps." I smile at them.
They chuckle. I bow and go on my way home. In hopes of getting a good nights rest.
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