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WEEELLLLLCOOOMMMEEEE. Here's UKwon doing a thing with his face~
Ahhh... he's great, isn't he @TheEnlightment? TO FORTH WHERITH WE ENDEAVOR TO THINE CHALLENGE!
Woaowowoaowowaow My favorite OTP?? Bro. I don't even really have OTPs in groups. But eh, I'll give it my best go. My favorite pairing is... . . .
. . .

P.O and Zico!

Pico? Woopyo? Whatever, it's them. Take a gentle gander.
Zico ever so often pines for our maknae.
He expresses his love so frequently.
Particularly Physically :D!
Anyways, Pico/Woopyo is pretty cute and vibrant and touchy, and that's why it's my favorite OTP in Block B yo. See you tomorrow!
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UKwon has a gf? Well he is pretty great tho. I don't really ship anyone in Block B either... even tho they're hands down the only group I've seen that is THAT comfortable with skinship. Well maybe it's just Zico... the point is, I don't really ship anyone in that group but if I did it'd totally be Zico x Kyung and Taeil x Pyo