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Whoever it was, it was probably the 'breast' cup of coffee they ever had.

Does someone steal your stuff at work too? Or maybe you've got a roommate or family member that raids your food at home?

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@RobertMarsh lol BRUTAL.
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This is why you don't eat people's food without asking. I love these! 馃槃
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@YumiMiyazaki True story.
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Some of my dad's old roommates used to steal his food, so he made a pie one day and told them not to touch it. Of course they did, but my dad told them later when they were rushing to the toilet, that the little crunchy bits in the pie where not chocolate chips, but flax seeds. 馃槀
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Snacks aren't safe at my house. Mostly my snacks 馃槕馃槕
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